April 16, 2013

Vanished for a weekend! (Remnant + Foxpill Cult)

So !!!!!!! 
I actually vanished for 3 days! O_o! 
Because the super goth cutie doll Kali told me about this live at Shibuya, where a band she likes was playing.
Remnant is this really cool band where Takmi is the guitar player and Marie sings <3

And yeah, it was a 'gothic' party so we just dressed up to it...!
(I never do this, but Im in Japan so I was like WHATEVER! short dresses and garter belts gooo)


I never actually pic spam you with my face, just one or two.
But the sclera lenses are fantastic!!
And it's been a while since I don't have such fun making up!


My precious Kali <3
I don't want her to go to back to Brazil ;~;/ unfair !!!!!!
Stay forever !!!!

My heart is pounding!
Never had favorites, just thought about what's interesting and what is not interesting.
And right now, there's a SUPER interesting sound in my mind!!

this band is called FOXPILL CULT

I bought their CD right after the show, and asked them to sign it!!
I only know Guri's (drums!) signature, Im not absolutely sure who is who on the rest (´__`") sorry~ (but I could guess ahaha)
Guri is drummer,
Kikutake is synth and chorus,
ႨOL (Pueru-san) is Pianica
All those fuzzy kanjis, clearly, from Kevin, guitar and vocals.

and because I actually -really- like the songs, here you are an official PV !

(New Romancer, from the new album~~)
It reminds me so much of when I was 15 (like, 2006....!) and enjoyed Visual Kei bands and tried so hard to look for new songs and lyrics but it was impossible, and then we did find them and it felt like we conquered earth! 
The synthethiser and guitar/vocals are amazing, and even if I'm not really anyone to recommend, I would be so happy if you could give it a listen~
(I'm not really strong enough to watch the videos heh ~ my heart pounds)

So yeah, they have the greatest live energy!
「I'm get bored!! Let's dance!!」 

The rest of the event (which started at midnight!) was so much fun!
I mean, Renmant was the first band and Foxpill was the last~

Takmi asked to take pics with us, Im so happy Marie also joined!

Even if so dark looking, they are both wonderfull people!
Takmi is really really kind and heartfull, and Marie is so sweet you could just eat her up <3
I wish I could talk more to Marie, but my replies get stuck. Need to study more Japanese >3<

After the show (about...5am?) Kali and me went drinking arround Shibuya // Shinjuku with the bands!!
And it was super fun, we stayed up untill.... er..
Yeah this part gets confusing? I stoped looking at the time and suddenly it was already Monday, so I don't know hahahhaaa

But now I'm back to Yokohama and back to school....
(btw I got lost today, carefull with the trains now...! I ended up a little further than Kamiooka gosh)

The weather is getting nicer.....!
Interesting things are comming my way, I accept!

take care

xo xo 

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