March 29, 2013

So I moved!

My last day and we couldn't friggin pack because there was no light and we had no more space to put my stuff in!!!!
But we made it so....!
Here's me at São Paulo's Airport.

It was a little stressing cause I travel as 'stand by', which is I go wherever there's space.
So if there's no space, Cake does not travel D:

But I did it and now I study here!!!!
Yokohama Design College!
Its so COOL! Starts on the 8th, so I have a little free time now <:

My mom came with me, so she could help me with the luggage and buying supplies for my living here in Japan!
I still dont really believe I _LIVE_ here!!!!!!!! Seriously!

This is my home.
It's a tiny room which will be filled with love and care.
It looks odd and old, but when I sprayed it with some Vanilla spray it turned into a cozy nest in a second!!!
It has a fridge and bathroom and the twin beds are all for myself, so I dont need a closet (I want one but oh well).
There's an air conditioner/heater, so Im good.
Also I live next to the Yokohama Baseball Stadium!!! I love baseball!!!! Maybe I'll stop liking the Chuunichi Dragons and root for the BayStars?! 

And the Yamashita Park is there too, ITS LOVELY. Its full with tullips and sakura trees!

This is the floor's kitchen.
I just got here, but judging by the shoes in the hallways, most definetly there's a lot of boys in my floor.
So the kitchen is disgusting. There was a pidgeon inside when I went to check it out!!!!!
I bought a pot that works as a pan, and I'll wash it and leave it inside my room!
I don't want anyone to touch my kitchen ware DD: ew ew ew

So I went to buy room supplies annnnnddd
I LIVE LIKE IN CHINA TOWN. Seriously just outside China Town, so EVERYTHING IS PANDA THEMED!!!
My bathroom is Panda themed now, SO HAPPY!!!!!! *0*
And today we needed some hard ware and electronics such as hair dryer, and we couldnt find a store... But then chinese boy Kei came to the rescue!!!! He took mom and me and also carried our bags back home *_* Prince like! I wanted to buy him ice cream as thanks but he didnt understand? It's ok, he lives on the floor underneath me so I'll go bug him again~~ 

I hope I can make friends soon~!

So my life starts tomorrow! (my mom leaves tomorrow boo!) and I'm pretty nervous exited!
I have some time to spare untill wednesday, but I hope I can meet up wiz Lizzie, Lisa and Hiro (both Hiros).

Sleep time now cause Im boooomed!!!!

Au revoir~!


March 22, 2013

Make up tricks~ leopard!

This one I used to wear a lot in my high school days ~
and it's so easy! tee hee
First you pick a color
(escolha uma cor!)
And make soft spots where you want
(e aplique suavemente onde você gostar)

Then with black or brown liquid eye-liner you make semi-circles and sometimes dots inside!
(E com delineador líquido preto ou marrom faça semi circulos e as vezes pontinhos dentro)

And there you go~!
Pink cute leopard 

Au Revoir~

March 19, 2013

Twin tails

Today I went out with Bia and Kat (also Steph but just for lunch)

creepy cute again again! te he

I had pig tails!!
It's the first time in a while my hair is long enough to do this.
It's kind of embarrasing, but its cute >//3//<

Kat and I were twining and Bia kind of too. Same skirt and shoes but different colors!

Eye bows: Creeps Ville 666
Shirt: Forever 21
Cross: TaoBao
Skirt: Wet Seal
Tights: Ebay
Socks: Tutuanna
Creepers: My Shoes (Brazilian brand)

You guys can comment in any language!
Cualquier idioma!

I just write in english so more people can understand >U<
Hey tell me what you think about anything !

Take care xoxo

March 18, 2013

Rong he

Today we went to a Chinese restaurant called Rong He, it's one of my favorites!
Warm happiness~!

Panda, Bia and me

Synthzoid, Lekabel and me~

Star Kat 

Todays outfit!
Creepy cute and Boy London !!!

Do you like Creepy Cute? 
would you like any tutorials this week? Tell me tell me! >u<

Take care~~

March 17, 2013

My Blue Bird

My baby brother is an air force cadet now!
We went to see him make an Oath to the Flag.
We were so ridiculously proud of him!!!
(the one behind making a squiggly face)

Mah dad and him. Now he's my blue bird!!

Me, Blue Bird and my mom.

Also it was his birthday on the 10th and we gave him a party !

Lots of sugar for my Blue Bird!!!
 I went to Chile for this and came back this morning. 
I'm cleaning my room and I'm ready to pack my bags for Japan!!

Take care~!

March 12, 2013

My favorite make-up tricks! #1

So I made a tiny set of gifs to make a tutorial on my favorite make-up tips and tricks~!
This tricks can be found in Gyaru and lolita magazines, and are really easy to follow!

you put some BB cream on your lips, spread evenly!
(primeiro aplique um pouco de BB cream nos labios, espalhe)

Choose a lip color! put only on the inside part of your lips! Spread a bit
(escolha uma cor de batom, aplicando só na parte mais pra dentro do labio. Espalhe um pouco)

3rd, and final!
Put some uncolored lip gloss, and voilá! 
(finalmente, aplicar gloss sem cor e prontinho!)


Very easy and quick, specialy for morning make-up haha

I made a gif set 'cause I made a video for a whole make up tutorial and Im too shy to put it online. Seriously I havent edited it yet and I blush just to think about it.

(////3///) -- blushu

See you next time~!

Take care ;D

March 11, 2013

Micro Loli Meeting

Today there was a meeting yay )o)
But only 7 girls came, and 3 boys.
Small gathering, just like at the beginning! *___*/ 
Just before it was popular~

We had a tiny flea market for jewellery parts and accessory materials.
I have none of those so I took some clothes~
I sold a lot weeeeee <3 <3

This is gorgeous Bia and silly me.
I'm silly I gave up loli but keep using what I didn't have courage to sell ;^;"
I love loli so I can't 100% quit it.
I just haven't bought anything new in about two years.
It hurts >_>

Snap whoring !
I looooooooove my suitcase ~
today it matched my Meta skirt te he~
thanks Jean for taking pics for me!

Have a wonderful night~
I'm not able to sleep

Take care, now, bye bye~!

March 08, 2013

Magic trick!

So I was making a make up tutorial today and procastinated a little too much

This is my new pillow magic trick!

And this is the 4 step transformation mahou shoujo trick!



AH! Newsflash! They updated my request and I'm an official resident in Yokohama, Japan!!!!
My bedroom will be available to me the 28th of March!!!!!! kyaaaaa!!!

Take care peoples!

And remember, any language is fine for comments~!!

March 05, 2013

Miami hello bye bye

So umn as a last second desition, my mama took me with her to Miami, Florida, USA!
So I packed nothing at all (2 shirts one shorts, a bikini, sneakers and my passport) and went with her!

my mama in her lovely American Airlines uniform

So it was a two day one night Shopping Rush!!
After getting to MIA, we rushed to the hotel to get some sleep and....

Miami why u so ugly climated?
Seriously it was cold and windy and ugh

but USA's buses are so friggin cooooold....


we got starved and we went to Chili's (mexican food)
my mama likes tequila too HEY!

I have now F21, H&M, Wet Seal and Rainbow ~~

so that's that~

Take care >U<