April 13, 2013

This weeeeeek

UMN yeah, I have spaces with no internet and I have class and Im working on STARKAT's blog mostly everyday (hihihi secret posts(●ↀωↀ●)✧)
So yeah!

This week school started!!! Sometimes it's fun, sometimes it's BOOORING! Like this is an 'na' adjective and this is an 'i' adjective and I know how those work.
And sometimes it's like SO KANJIS EVERYWHERE GO DIE
and Im thrilled with the challenge and I learn a lot~~

Also I made moooooore friends!
This is Raei Luo, Rae-chan <3

I adore her, she's adorable and devilish <3
she read my hand lines o_O!! She said I'll enjoy my life the fullest, and I'll be happy.
Also my marriage will come a little late? But she said it's fine cause it'll come.
(what is late for chinese people?? >___> want to know, kinda)

I get really really pale when I drink T__T So being so hot was weird!!!!!!

Im good with this kind of food  (´▽`)

This is Dien Dien and Wei, my classmates from Taiwan

This is Yume and Cyndy ( I think), chinese ladies from school

And we drinked and ate so much! ippai ippai <3

Yeah there's not much going on like in my last trip, because Im mostly trying NOT TO SPEND EVERYTHING I HAVE.
I went to the supermarket and school and back home this week, not many pics to show u guys.
Or maybe you wanna see inside convinience stores or supermarkets and trains too? I'm ok with that, leave a comment or ask.fm me what you'd like to see/know! I'll most definetly reply within 24hours (give or take 12 hours, you know, time difference haha)

And umn yesterday I went to Minato Mirai

it was

Lovely (/ `³`)/

I feel happy.
I feel full.

it is a great feeling, when everything falls into place.
My new life makes me the happiest.
I want to live plently.

Take care, beloved reader!

(AAAAAAAAND as always, don't be shy! I can speak spanish english and portuguese, you can leave a comment or ask.fm me and I will have no problem replying at all! questions about the exchange or small tips I can help <3 If it's shopping service email me at starkat.express@gmail.com though!)

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