April 05, 2013

A little about....

My room!
When you come to Japan there's some stores you should visit!
For example: DAISO!
I got most of my kitchen gear, room and bathroom utilities and etc from Daiso. MOSTLY everything is 105 yen!
So all of this was a bit less than 20 USD! amazing!
So if you're comming you most definetly NEED to go here.
It's not only cheap, but it's a greater quality. I mean, I got a pink kitchen knife that cuts so well it scared me.

Second greatest shop of them all, DON QUIJOTE (donki)
It's not as cheap, but it's not expensive either.
It has EVERYTHING. It's a supermarket, cloth shop, cosplay, electronics, you name it, the've got it.
I think they have car parts, but Im not sure.
So I bougt my pan, hair dryer, an electric water heater, lamp and some towels. And that thingy for the plugs I got no idea how to call in english he he he.

And lastly, somewhere you're not really supposed to go because you'll be pennyless in a minute: Chinatown's Panda Shop!!
I couldn't resist to it, it's PANDAAAAAA )o)
Bathroom supplies and some tuperwares and a mug. yay

And a little about my new home~!

Yo ko ha ma!

I went out wiz Yard-kun (haha) yesterday arround Yokohama bay area~!

finally nice weather, and Minato Mirai looks so distant....

Yard-kun >U< kouhai ho ho ho 

I took him into China Town to Panda Café! yay

I wanted a crepe, but the Panda Crepe was closed. So we had a float instead.
He likes sweet things I was so surprised o3o!

After that we went to the Yokohama Stadium, the GIANTS are here!

They put a giant TV and Yard and me watched the game...
BAYSTARS lost Y___Y" boo hoo....!
Weak team....!

But it was lots of fun !
Let's do it again some time? <3

Monday is my first day of school!!!

Taaaaaaaaaake care!



  1. Yard-kun is kinda cute :3 PANDA STORE, dude, ce vai ter que me mandar um box de bento de panda. VESH I'll treasure it. Teu quarto tá ficando arrumadinho :3 Falta a cortininha do beliche pra ficar lindjo ~ (to vendo a gora que ce faz tipo a misako e transforma seu quarto em uma armário e foda-se a policia.)

    1. Yard is like... He's OK but I don't think much about it.
      He's tall?

      YEAH YEAH panda store! I'll pick a bentou and you'll pay for it *_* <3
      Eu fiz tipo a Misako e o resto da japonesada: Não tem espaço? No problem!!
      Cara to embutida no meu 'armario' porque o cabo da net é curto demais e tal. Metade do meu armario vai virar sofá.

  2. Replies
    1. Ichi louca dos morango. Cê taria pior que eu, admita 8DDD


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