May 20, 2015

Shinagawa Aquarium ★

I visited the Shinagawa Aquarium ! It's a bit far away but quick to get to. There is a free shuttle to it, but I ended up walking (15 min from the station).
Dolphins are the main attraction point for the aquarium~

tickets tickets

The dolphins looked somehow scratched :T I was kinda bummed by that but ... I enjoyed the show somehow ,_, 

It was a simple show of showing off their abilities, playing with toys and getting lots of fish <:

I even got begged a little attention! 
The dolphin gets a voice-actor lol sorry about that (not sorry)

Next in popularity was the SEAL! <3 Seals are my favorite marine animal *0*
THEY HAVE EYEBROWS! and they clap their bellies when they are angry, that's the cutest thing EVER.

Then lunch! because food is fundamental. 
DOLPHIN RESTAURANT! merchan merchan~

Special dolphin plate (no dolphins were hurt in the making of this dish)
( 01 (ONE) dolphin was brutally beheaded).

later penguins
and turtles

and jellyfish!!!!!

I love love LOVE aquariums so it was perfect.
Some great amazing stuff happened
best day so far >U< 

~ ★ ~

Made some footage for the channel today.
Im not sure how to assemble it properly ? It's practice and its very rough. Its made with my iphone's camera, so for now please don't expect a great quality ;___;
This is purely for practice and it was a lot of fun to collect, but Im not used to talking to a (my) camera (by myself) .... I require practice. So I'll do my best!

Take care!

May 18, 2015

Scrapbooking ★

I started a scrapbook a year and a half ago, but recently someone asked me how to do it.
There's SO MANY WAYS to do it, and the more tools/materials you have the brighter it will look!

So, as the image (and cute bunnies) say!

1. Paste a photo or purikura! 
It's important to post a photo before, so you'll have an idea of how much space you have to do other things like....
2. Write about it!
Was it fun? What did you do? Write an anecdote or small phrase about that day!
3. Decorate it!
Use as many or little stuff (stickers, tapes, stamps, ink, glitter, post-its, etc) as you'd like! The sky is the limit! 

This is how I got started, and soon I'd be doing it once or twice a week.
It's a lot of fun PLUS it keeps your purikura organized and in a pretty memory book!!

Hope you liked that! 

Take care~ 

May 17, 2015

End of the week, Polar Bear Cafe ★

As I said before, I started my training last week at my new company!
               It was sort of intense, but in the end I enjoyed it SO VERY MUCH and Im very happy I had it.

Here's some 'office' looks!

And finally the weekend came and I went to Harajuku *____* I had SO MUCH FOOD! I needed shoes for my new job so I got flat sneakers >: They're sorta like vans, they seem comfortable. Also got a bandana to match the color of the sneakers, which is the same as the uniform shirt! hehe

I went for a very rewarding Popping Soda! 

nom nom nom pop pop pop

At night, I visited the Polar Bear Cafe in Takadanobaba ★
Polar Bear Cafe is an ANIME about a Panda Bear that visits regularly mr. Polar Bear's cafe and his animal and human friends in the neighbourhood. It's quite soothing  

It's quite big and that surprised me (゜◇゜)
Let's go inside?

Mr. Polar Bear and Panda

You come inside and there's huge panda and mr. Penguin siting at the bar!

Bathroom's wall >3<

The menu is SUPER cute! there's many themed food and drinks.

RinRin's blueberry soda and Panda's matcha latte

mr. Polar bear's hamburger and fried chicken and salad

Panda roll cake

Really cute standing mr. Polar Bear *v*

It was really yummy, and not so expensive ;v;!  I had a super good time, and its easy to get there from the station. I also got 6 coasters because of the amount of things I ordered haha ^^"

10/10 would go again!

Im thinking about making a YOUTUBE CHANNEL....!!!!!!!!!
With places I go, makeup & hair that I do... Not quite tutorials but maybe inspirational for other people.
It's predicted to air in about late OCTOBER, cause I wanted to buy a good camera and have some material ready for then @3@

Mostly wanted a 20 minute video about different things, with 5 minute segments. 
So perhaps release short 5 minute videos during the week and at the end of that same week have a long version with all those videos together.
I don't know. I have so many ideas, but I REALLY want your suggestions and stuff YOU WANT TO SEE!
The new channel WILL NOT be an extension of my blog, but a new thing that might have some points in common (my face, duh). 

I'll come back soon with things I've done/eaten again >___< New job, I don't have a routine so bear with me (polar bear with me maybe? )

Take care ★

May 06, 2015


So as I had written on my insta, the 5th of May was my last day at ACDC Rag! It was a short month that I was a staff at the store and I had a blast with everyone, everyday.
But the thing is... I got a new visa sponsoring job and I will go back to teaching from the 11th...! I have training and stuff, but at least I assured myself yet another year of Japan!
It's sad, yes, to leave this very much fun job at Harajuku wearing whatever I wanted and being free to create, but! I am also happy I had this chance at all and I regret nothing.
I am very thankful to Rimma for giving me this chance.

because it was my last day everyone went to eat crepes, the store manager gave us money to go YuY! And yesterday we went to Tabasa and ate SO MUCH lol

Video of some loving Namamono-chan, Sugawara-cchi and Zen (・ωw)



Fuuma being gross. Senpai is always so gross (but I like him lots)

Sugawara-cchi saying bye bye. She was always so serious but we liked each other. Im gonna miss her 1,56cm

Bye Take Street! Next time I come I'll be a regular customer again!

More extra more! 

Some photos of my outfits from the ACDC instagram!

last ★

I hope you enjoyed with me my Harajuku days.

I think its a bit too much to post everyday (also I dont have so much to write about now that Im up to date with stuff!) so from now on I'll try my best to update Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays! <3

Take care ★
Don't forget to comment! 
Englis, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese OK!
Even other languages OK! I'll google translate hehe

May 04, 2015


This one day I dressed up real cute to go work

and then Moe went to pick me up at the end of the shift and we went to Decabar!

It was Karaoke Hanami!!!! And I completed my point card! And so did she!

So we became VIP at Decabar Z!

That's a projection on the wall, HANAMI!

Lady Porco making my VIP....

I'm officially a (regular) VIP member of DECABAR Z!

Sing all night!
I had so much to drink I had a horrible hangover the next day *0*/

take care!
Remember to drink lots of water when you go out drinking lol