March 27, 2014

ミ☆Wish List!

So it's a new year, I'm getting jobs, I'm getting ready, I'm getting pumped!!

Im just gonna make a wishlist so I keep TRACK of what I want/need first @_@ There's so many distractions here!!
Clicking on the image may redirect you on where to get them <3(Mostly taobao lol)

(size 24.5jp)
I'm deff getting these in black this year. I've been wanting these basterds for ever.
these bitches are at AP but Im not paying over 120 usd for a pair of shoes that'll kill my feet. Im getting these.
ミ☆Socks  // Tights
pastels >u> 

ミ☆Skirts // Dresses
previous wishlist
It doesn't really have to be the set, I really want this dress ;u; 
Happy Garden High Waist JSKFancy Paper Dolls Tiered JSK

ミ☆ Blouses
I didn't get these last year. Im getting ONE IN EACH PASTEL COLOR. 
More golden tones for my collection >:3

ミ☆ Cut&sew // Over wears
They seem to only have it in mint, but I'd love to get a replica in lavender/pink !

Peignors! I got a pink one, now I want a lavender and a sax... there's a great resale store that has them for cheap <333 I want them *_*

ミ☆Accessories // Misc

Oh yes
so much want

Okay I might not need accss for now U__U but I like crowns I guess~ 
Do you guys have wish lists? Or dream prints?
I don't have dream prints, and I hate release dates (if it's too popular I don't want it anymore --it's impossible anyways to get) and idk, if it's there and I can get it, I learn to love it?

This month I got two prints with pastel colors and bunnies tho <3
Spring outfits yay!

take care~

March 22, 2014

Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea!

Well hello there!
After a complete month of not going anywhere but furniture shopping and moving boxes, and brutally declining all my friend's invitations to go to exhibits and fun stuff, I could finally say YES TEA PLEASE.
But Im also ultra un-lucky and I got lost and got into the wrong metro lines so I was AN HOUR LATE.
Like, bury me in milanoo, shame.

This is the yumm yumm Fortnum & Mason's Afternoon Tea in Nihombashi.
Its a reasonable 2,500 yen high tea with hot water refill (and thank goodness for the water refill, that tea was STRONG)
You get to choose between 8 different cakes, so I got a chocolate cake and a strawberry tart~!
Also you get scones (they were sweet and soft boo ....!) and a set of sandwiches.

Not so bad! <3
I would do it again, but only with the tea and scones  <3

My friends were patiently waiting for me (Im so effin sorry really!!!! I must make it up...!) and they wanted to surprise me!
Like, May's Kera was up and no one had told me if I made it or not... They wanted to tell me that

I got the big pic in the corner! Waaaaaaai <3
It's my third time trying and my second time in the magazine lol *__* like Im happy! I have to try more~!

Hat, shoes: off brand 
Dress, blouse: infanta 
Bag: IW 
Tights: tutuanna 
Belt: Forever 21

And puri lol

Everyone at the afternoon tea <3 <3
Im happy I met a new cutie, and I saw again dear people  ;^;/
I need a job to keep going out on adventures with 'em.


take caaaare ;3

March 21, 2014


It was hard, it was tiresome, but I MOVED TO TOKYO!!!
(mudei-me pra Tokyo yay!)

It took us weeks to pack two rooms and move @_@

New place has much more space yaaay!

We had to build most of the furniture

But little by little they're becoming more and more cozy

Like, now I have an actual lolita wardrobe <3


Welcome Bo and Cake to your new life!!! <3333

the house is old but cozy and its tatami floored lol <3

Take care <3

YDC graduation~

Since I finally got some internet at home, I'll be updating regularly again!!! (A month later ugh sorryyyy)
(Tô com internet em casa, atualizar aqui novamente!)

Part of my class that graduated together! <3
(Parte da minha sala que se formou comigo)

As I didn't want to wear a suit or lolita, I chose kimono! I went for pastel colors since its the beginning of spring (It had snowed in early March but lets keep it a secret lol). Its somehow controversial, it is appropriate to wear kimono in formal occasions such as PROM, GRADUATION, WEDDING, etc. But since Im foreign, and quite tall, the kimono is WAY too short on the sleeves >_>" 
Apart from that, it is properly worn, with all the inner wears and outer layers necessary.


Its still me~ So a tea cup <3

hair accessory from Claire's saving my hair

Gloves to hide my short sleeves lol

(kyary pamyu pamyu Yume wo Hajimarinrin)

Thank you for the memories,
thank you for the support,
thank you for still helping me out,
thank you for never getting angry at me even when I didn't feel like going inside the classroom,
thank you for one year.

Good bye Yokohama.
Thank you for the open door, 
for the experience,
for being beautiful all year long,

Hello Tokyo!
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Kore kara, yoroshiku!