September 23, 2013

Kiss fish?!

So we went to buy toilet paper and ended up going for a walk in China Town again~

cool temple thingie

andddd I found this cool building with KISS FISH!
they 'kiss' out the dead flesh in your skin. 

here's a kiss fish pool

a lovey dovey chart for ... fish

and there, they were eating our skin!!!

it's a horrible feeling of bubbles.
it tickles, lightly. Just don't think about them and it'll be fine....
I guess

here's a small video:

Would you dare put your feet in a pool full of fishies?
The after feeling is so nice though!

Take care!


September 22, 2013

One day 9 faces

So I FINALLY had time for myself and had fun with make up! (and wigs)










t'was fun.

Which one is your favorite? :O

Take care!
xo xo

September 21, 2013

An Underwater date!

So the other day I said
'neeeeeee..... I wanna go on a date!'
waiting for a 'nah, no money' kind of answer, I got a 
'Sure, baby, where do you wanna go?'


I didn't know where he was taking me @__@ so I dressed cute but comfortable.
It's a real date so I had to look pretty!!

We were near Asakusa so I was confused 
'Okay, Tokyo....?'

and then..... SKYTREE'S AQUARIUM!


main points!
I love the japanese Moon Jellyfish collections~ they make them change colour and its so pretty!


and cute penguins!

bonus: this shark eating Bo's huge head!!


I look fat but whatevs.
I kinda dont wanna go up to Sky Tree. I would feel like vomiting or something.

after that, we had much time so we went to asakusa!

and that was my date!

I have one once a month... sad...!
how often do you think dating is normal...?

take care!
xo xo!

hey! ask me some questions, im bored!!

September 20, 2013

August Haul!

Shopping~ List~
So I went to a 300 yen shop and bought these!

pretty socks and a ChuChu!

This one is from WEGO Yokohama
impulse shop, I dont wear it :T

Also I have this shop I rlly rlly like,
and as the name says, on Wednesdays, the price goes don don DOWN!

red dress and small hat with kitten ears!

red dress with cute lace neck

really tigh dress that needs modification, but it was like 9 dollars

pretty flower dress <3 Im ready for autumn!

Are you preparing for the next season too?

Shop Holic!

Take caaaare!
xo xo

September 19, 2013

Cat Cafe!

Not much to say, it's a café and it has CATS!
You pay toget in and you have to buy something to drink. Which gives you the right of 30 minutes. You can go inside and see the cats or not. Also there's bunnies in the next room but that's an extra service.
So, yeah, that's it. The more you order (drinks and foods) the more time you get in the cafe!

This is Cafe León, in Ishikawacho, Yokohama!
Yes, next human plz

My prettyness is tiresome, go away

Stare contest? Purrfect.

Who likes to pay about 15 dolars and get ignored by ALL THIS CATS?

I did!

Time to go? bye.
(he didnt love me very much. Such short legs!!)

Wink Wink
(don't) come again!

Cats are my sadomasoquistic pleasure..... *sigh*
But Kippo wants a dog :T
Can't afford two pets, so a dog is in the plans.

Which one would you like? If you have any, what do you have?
Cats, dogs or bunnies?

I've had everything .... 

Take care!
xo xo!

September 18, 2013

Having fun, and a bit of love

In this country, having fun is not difficult at all!
Specially when you have cool friends.
America-chan and Italia-kun!

He didn't wanna purikura, but we were all like 'GE YA ITALIAN ASS IN HEREEEE'
Funny thing is, we all have green/blue eyes and the machine mistook it for the green screen behind. Also Italia-kun's t-shirt was green lol

America and Chile 

(names are not included for... privacy reasons? It's not like they care but maybe they would mind)

And a bit of love....

The other day I came back from work, and I had a general ache and was tired and super hungry.
and I look up in my food shelf and there's orchids.
with a note that ( I had to translate) I've never gotten before

(flowers may wilt, but there's no reason for our love to dissapear, I love you forever)

which is like
the top 3 most romantic things I've ever been told or given. DDD: despair

my orchids. <3

Do you like flowers?

Take care!

xo xo

September 16, 2013

My Birthday

I completely forgot.
It was my birthday on August 18th

I'm 21 (+1) :)

I got to wear the yukata I made!
But it was kind of very hot. Kippo gave me this very beautiful silver pendant and a piece of stunning transparent Jade from his home town, Yunnan (China) !
Also he called me 'Ohime-sama' (Your Highness/ Princess) for the whole day~!

silver given at midnight.... *___* 
at first I didn't get it, why such a oddly shaped pendant...? Then I saw it. It's an 'infinite' symbol, he gave this and said he wanted to be with me as long as the pendant had meaning ~ yay

Remember last year, when I came to Japan and I stayed at Lizzie's home for only a week, but her mama and sisters became my family too.
So, at heart, I have a japanese Okaasan and 3 lovely sisters! (Too bad the middle one is studying in Germany and I couldn't see her. But I spoke to her on LINE later that night, so yay! )
Kippo and me went to mama's to celebrate!

Anyways we had a lovely dinner~!
My sisters, me and Kippo

S-chan and me. Love!

Mama bought so many many cakes....! *__*
I almost cried when she said 'I bought cake'. Im so silly ( ; wq)

And then she made art with so little. She's so clever !!! <3 

then ta dah!!! S-chan gave me birthday presents...!!
And mama gave me a strap for my obi (the belt for kimonos) and its so cuuuuute!!

ah~ happiness ~

On the way back we were talking... and talking about the future...
and decided that next year, we will move to Tokyo. Together. 
Kippo and I are gonna live together.....!!!!

So that's that!

happy birthday to me (almost a month later hahaha)

Take care!
xo xo !