December 09, 2015

AP Luminous Night Festival -- Im too busy to live

Monday was the annual Dinner party from AP!
here's some photos

met some cuties

my outfit
(the roses glow)

xmas specials



September 05, 2015

Craft day at Akira's

Today we had a relaxing crafting/artsy day at Akira's house!

When we got there I opened a birthday present our friend Becky had sent me. I'm still getting love and Im so happy
I'll totally wear the accss every weekend and the pens are so usefull. THANK YOU HAMMU

Akira's room is my favorite place on earth. It's perfect. Full of things but not cluttered, perfect decoration, color balance.

making things and eating things

artsy day

I popped my watercolors too! its been SO LONG

corners in Akira's house.

We also played dress up with Akira's clothes lol.
I tried this one and NOW I WANT IT SO BAD. 
They said I look like an Idol lol ★

 and dinner.
It was very yummy but it had pepper bells and now I have a stomach ache ._.

take care!


September 03, 2015

Youtube update + Rilakkuma Cafe

Hello people! 
As you might now I updated the channel! 

↓ ↓↓↓↓↓

Lemme talk about it here with the phew photos I took.

We went up the Sky garden to an afternoon tea for D's goodbye party

Cheki with D
There's not much to say, there was a LOT OF FOOD and drinks and cute babes to talk to. <: 

and jojo pose 

Blouse: Btssb
Brooches: misty sky and dream sky AP
JSK: Misty Sky AP
socks: Cosmic AP
tea party: Secret Shop
Wristcuffs: AP

I got fan art from my friend !!!!!! 
Go see babe Mari!

So if you have some time please go check our channel!

Also last sunday I went to Rilakkuma cafe!
Its gonna be our next video so dont miss it!




don't miss the update Every Sunday! 

take care!

August 26, 2015

Unboxing video! Luminous Sanctuary special set

Guys guys I made an unboxing video!
Thank you all for the emails asking if I'm alive and all! I'm fine thank you! Now I'm youtube-ing with Alex ! !!!!!!
If you have the chance check it out! It's places and food and fashion and games and a lot of fun so be sure to check it out cause y'all know I dont have time for the blog anymore YAAAY

check the video here

take care!

June 07, 2015

ILD & Misty Sky Release

Today was a VERY eventful day!
Happy International Day to everyloli! <3 May the frills of our souls ruffle on forever.

I woke up a bit late and rushed to Harajuku. 
Today was Misty Sky re-release!!! The line was QUITE long tho! 

Even though I was a little far away, I managed to pull out n#16 on the shuffle!! 
I got pretty JSK, clip and OTKs in Lavender *0* yay me!

I was meeting with my friends, but since they shop at Omiya AP I had to wait for them.
I pit-stopped for tea and a mousse at Jardin de LUSEINE, one of my favorite spots in Harajuku~
They always treat me like a princess!

After checking closet child we proceeded to Ebisu, towards the Westin Hotel!

Ebisu is cool

Outfit shot!
Ribbons : Claire's
Cardi & blouse: btssb
Socks: Meta
Bag & Shoes: Secret Shop



View from the Garden at the Westin

and Afternoon tea!

Mandatory Purikura!

I hope Y'all had a nice ILD! Or will have. Sorry, Im from the future xD
I made a new friends, her name is Tara <3

Ah, when I got home I ran to try the sky on


Im Maria in the Sky <3

take care!

May 20, 2015

Shinagawa Aquarium ★

I visited the Shinagawa Aquarium ! It's a bit far away but quick to get to. There is a free shuttle to it, but I ended up walking (15 min from the station).
Dolphins are the main attraction point for the aquarium~

tickets tickets

The dolphins looked somehow scratched :T I was kinda bummed by that but ... I enjoyed the show somehow ,_, 

It was a simple show of showing off their abilities, playing with toys and getting lots of fish <:

I even got begged a little attention! 
The dolphin gets a voice-actor lol sorry about that (not sorry)

Next in popularity was the SEAL! <3 Seals are my favorite marine animal *0*
THEY HAVE EYEBROWS! and they clap their bellies when they are angry, that's the cutest thing EVER.

Then lunch! because food is fundamental. 
DOLPHIN RESTAURANT! merchan merchan~

Special dolphin plate (no dolphins were hurt in the making of this dish)
( 01 (ONE) dolphin was brutally beheaded).

later penguins
and turtles

and jellyfish!!!!!

I love love LOVE aquariums so it was perfect.
Some great amazing stuff happened
best day so far >U< 

~ ★ ~

Made some footage for the channel today.
Im not sure how to assemble it properly ? It's practice and its very rough. Its made with my iphone's camera, so for now please don't expect a great quality ;___;
This is purely for practice and it was a lot of fun to collect, but Im not used to talking to a (my) camera (by myself) .... I require practice. So I'll do my best!

Take care!