April 23, 2013

Hair dye + Trip to MARZ (foxpill 2)

Hey hey hey!
Umn this weekend I bought strawberry red hair dye!
It's not dye, it's a toner.
I think.
Not really sure.

I bought it~!
It says 'shampoo treatment'
Suposed to put after shampoo. (lol)

So my hair before
(looks poofy ahaha)

Pink hands 'cause I wear no gloves to dye my hair haha

and result!
It's not that red (didn't notice actually I have no idea) but it looks cool 8D

Berry mix yeah!
It's so good it's like a conditioner or sth, my hair is smooth and shiny now!
and red haha

And and Sunday I had to go to Tokyo AGAIN

Seriously happy to see my favorite band so many times!!!
(and next week there's ANOTHER live!!)
This time came wiz MeroMero!
Love my MeroMerori-!
(she's tiny!)

First there was some badass DJing from Seiji-san, and then The GODZie came in jamming!
it was amazing!
Actually I knew the singer from last week's live (*^▽^*)ゞ he helped me to look for my lost drink tickets.
Dispite him being very dark looking (he was all painted in flesh and blood!) he's so nice!!!

Between shows I had the chance to talk to Kikutake-san (( *ノノ) 
I like him a lot! He's very gentle, very nice!
I hope we can be friends |。\) 

I mean seriously look at him!
(Kikutake-san is FOXPILL CULT's syntheziser/chorus)

we took picture together 。(*^▽^*)ゞ happy!

And my main interest, this!
There's a song they sung this time and last time, it get's stuck in my head
I think it's SUN eats DRUG, but I'm not sure 'cause I haven't heard it out of live.
And it sounds like SUN eat SUN, which is Lucy's (the former vocalist).
I'm no sure ;u;"

after the live, more pics!
(I think they're all cute enough to take home)

I could play with Pueru-san!
yaaaaaay 。(*^▽^*)

ah ah this is Chiz-chan!
She's also a fan from FPC ~ say hello Chiz!

umn Kevin-san was a little busy so it was hard to talk to him (as usual u.u")
BUT! Raisu-oneesan called him and I could take a picture!

and then MeroMero took a picture of us too!
I like this memories, I've never been a fan to a band (*´∀`*)

After the live it was already 11:40, so I missed the last train to Yokohama (which left me without the conection to Kannai, so can't go home anyways). Which means....
Back to Koenji to MeroMero's home!

We arrived at 1am at her house and I just fell asleep as soon as I covered myself (it's about 5°C these days!), so good night....

And soon good Morning!
Woke up 6:30am to take a train and go to school, it's Monday!!! >_<

bye bye Koenji....!

Oh well!
I bought a CD (again lol)
(I'll probably buy another next week too. And badges! If Kikutake-san ever finds those....)

This one is ALREADY ASYLUM 2

I will get them to sign everything, it makes the CDs much more important to me....!
Because I didnt buy them at the store,
I bought them from them, and got them signed.
I love them so much, it's only been a week, and they are so adorable and thankfull.
And they rock on <3!

In other news, I have a rice cooker!

Elin gave it to mee! (it's the pink pot thingie!)
It's so small and cute! I can make up to 4 portions of rice, that's 4 meals *__*/
Happy happy!
I'll make omuraisu untill I die!

So I have to go to sleep meh

Take caaaaaaaaaaaaare~!

xo xo !

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  1. かわいい!!あなたがいなくて寂しい

    1. ありがとう!



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