December 26, 2012

Purple purple!

So I was bored of white, and dyed my fringe purple~

I made a mess hahaha

I was still bored so I dyed the half of my head, even if it wasnt white!

I'm a blueish purple alien \\_//

at first it was kind of black, but now it looks more purple?
I like it!
Hey, Merry X'mas~ 

Take care ~

December 21, 2012

Expected unexpected ♫

Um so... I know people come more into my blog to see my outfits. So I'll start posting the weekly outfits gathering from my instagram//tumblr. What'cha think?

But I came here just to share the wonderful news.....

I'm going back to Japan YAY ♥

This time, I'm going for a whole year~! Sooooooooooo excited aaaahhh <o>

So, I'm using Go!Go!Nihon! to make the applications and student visa. I chose Yokohama Design College, not just because it's a design college, but because Yokohama is fucking awesome. I could be in Shibuya, but it's just too expensive? Also I need to focus on my studies. May I can find room mates that want to share an apartment in Tokyo, you never know.

FOR NOW I just sent the applications and I need to send a copy of my passport and send a 3x4cm picture of my face. THe guys at Go Go Nihon are very quick and reply fast enough, also they make everything look easy and not scary! They reply in 3 languages for me so Im very amused haha
I also contacted the staff at YDC and she's also quite nice.

Since it's my second exchange, I'm not so scared. Im too excited... I'll go in April ♥
Guess who's Shopping Service will be upgraded... Mine and Katherine Kingdom, obviously.
Speaking of Kat, we have many many surprises and projects to work on, right? ♫ Look forward to all, we'll make it happen ~

Take care ♥

December 10, 2012


We went bowling with Larissa, the manager of the Hostel (which is my age) and some guys from Beats Hostel (which is the brother hostel from the same owners)

We had an amazing time! 

I suck though....

Take care~!

December 02, 2012

Lock Shop

Umn, well, I actually never try to participate in anything, but my friends all know I wanted to and told me I should. So I am now participating in the Lockshop contest~!

yaaay.... Not really       ?! ww ;___;"

So this is my pic!

If you click on it it should go to my link at Lockshop's contest.

I know I'm nothing special like the other girls, but I wanted to participte, give it a go!
I don't really have a chance, since so many girls have alrerady 500 votes on the.... first day of voting. Ha ha ha Im such a looser xD

Well, anyways!
Have you ever won a prize, at anything? I dont participate on anything, so I think I've never won anything!
You should believe in yourselves and do it!

Take care >w<"

November 30, 2012

Got item! November

kya~n! some of the items I ordered from the internet are here yay!

banana fish tee *-*

It's a lovely off brand!

also, this monomania package is so cute, isn't it?
Imma make a photo frame of this later!!

Off brand creepy cuuu-te! eyes cream! hahaha

This is the monomania items, my two tone (pink X purple) tights and a bowed eye ring!

Creepy cute here I go yay! >U<

Have you been buying things recently? What did you ask for Xmas? I wanna know tee hee~

Take care ;)

November 26, 2012


Hey guys!
It's the 25th of November sooooo.... The givaway winners!
I'm actually disappointed, I have far more daily views than the participants.... only 4!
So what I'm gonna do is SPLIT the prize in first and second place.
First place gets the BB creams set. Second gets a free art!


Second place )o)
Congratulations~~ Thank you for following Mary in the Sky and care enought to participate *-* Please send me an e-mail at com a foto do que você quer que eu desenhe <3 E alguns detalhes, por exemplo as cores do laço em volta e se você gostaria de decorações especificas ^^/ Also your address so I can send it to you!

And the first place iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis..........

ta daaaaa.!!!!


Congratz! Send me your address at and I'll send you your prize!

Well, I won't be doing givaways so soon Y_Y I am hurt, boo hoo.....!

take care!

November 19, 2012

Ichigo's party

The march towards adulthood seems to be blocked by everything I find amusing.

This Saturday was Ichigo's birthday party!
It was kind of strawberry / red / pink themed, so I dressed up a little~
Finally got to wear my Meta shoes ;^; sorta year later.... 
I'm surprised it's the photo that gets the most likes in my Tumblr :T 

Well the party was Karaoke, which passed soooo fast! We sang and screamed a lot haha
And Ichigo made a cake it was very good yay~
Fun fun fun~

Take care~!

November 12, 2012


Herp derp super late post Y___Y"

Im always waiting for photos, 'cause I always ALWAYS forget my camera....!
Well on the 31st was on a Wednesday, so I went up meccha gothic for work ;D

behold the melting vampire!!
 Yeah, so we did a party on Saturday!!!
We (well Erin and Steph) baked some creepy cute foods for the ocation~

I did help, by doing all the details (faces/hats/what nots)
And my costume was supposed to be frankenstein nurse, but it ended up being... Alice?!

I broke Alice. I don't have picks umn Y^Y

Erin with a bunny!

Kiki and Le Fay!

My first carved pumpking! *0*/ It was very fast to do, my friend baked it first lol
Well that was my halloween yay! 
Did you have a nice trick or treat~?
fu fu fu

Take care~!

November 05, 2012

Flash Promo SS!

Hey guys! This is for my SS in Brazil, so portuguese post today!

Ooi meninas! (acho que não tenho followers meninos!)
Todas conhecem a marca Bodyline, certo? Uma loja que tem melhorado muito a respeito de qualidade e design, a Bodyline é uma das lojas perfeitas para se começar a usar lolita! (ou comprar cosplays/roupas punk-goth).

Bom, a BL está em promoção!!! omg!
O envio está por apenas 10 dólares fixo!! Mas só até o dia 30 de Novembro de 2012

E o que a Cake está fazendo dando free propaganda da loja ????!
O SS está com promoção também!!!!!!!!!!!

Faça já seu pedido da BL e pague só 10% de taxa de shopping service. (*)
Cake's gone craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cake pirou totalmente, mas aproveitem que é só até dia 30 de Novembro!!

* + taxas de paypal e correios brasileiros.
(Lembrando que só aceito pedidos e respondo perguntas sobre o SS pelo email

Outra coisa, já viram meu Give Away? É de amostrinhas de BB cream E um desenho para vocês, com todo carinho.
Participar não custa nada, gente, é só reblogar ^^ Se vocês não tiverem tumblr, tudo bem, mas dem uma olhadinha no meu de vez em quando ahahaha, posto mais os meus outfits do dia-a-dia e tal, para quem se interessar mais por moda.

November 01, 2012

☆Give Away☆

Hello boys and girls from all over the world だ━━ヽ(*ゝヮ゜*)ノノ━━っ♪(ok not so much)
This is my first Give Away~~! yaaay Because I want to celebrate my over 100 followers (I'm astonished, really!) and welcome my new tumblr (which is not poluted yet lol) I'm doing this Give Away~!

(So shut up and tell us the prices already!!!) Yes, yes, on to it then!!
YAY free samples I got from my last BB cream purchase 
(Not so much, but hurr durr)

Umn Super + BB cream whitening and anti wrinkling (x3)

This are the same, but for some reason it's a litte different. Same shizzle, though. (x3)


Common BB Cream (x3)

hey this look like condomns--- they're not ok; ̄ロ ̄)
 Super hydro moisturizing CREAM (x3)

This are little thin papers to take off the oil from your skin. (x1)

So yeah, also because I want to promote my artsies I'll do a mini portrait (like this) of the deary winner! (So once I announce the winner, please give me a picture you'd like to be drawn and yeah 

How to participate;
1. Follow Mary in the Sky (this blog) and Cake Tumblr-ism (if you don't have a tumblr it's okay, but you must follow Mary in The Sky at least)
2. Reblog in your own blog (Can be resumed, not the whole thing I know I talk to much ;U; sorry guys)
3.  Leave a comment HERE saying you want to participate (or else I can't get your name lol)
4. That's it! Contest is up till November 25th ヾ( ^ω^)ノ

Thank you guys for following my boring blog of selfishness and my trips and all ;U; ILU all

See you in a while then? Oh oh Saturday is our big Halloween party! I won't forget the camera this time I swear to Rilakkuma. My costume is ready and uuuuuuh yeah 

Take care!

October 27, 2012


Hello everyone!
I've been sleepy? I guess ;^;  

I was very very sick this week ... 

I had to go to the hospital a lot this week, so I'm very very irritated D: I hate hospital!
But this morning I woke up just fine, so I'm going back to work ;U; <3 happy happy

So at much I created a Tumblr! It's Cake's tumblr-ism, for my daily outfits and drawings. I hope you can follow it too, if you have a tumblr >3<"

A gif for you, as I have not many things to say! lol

OH, Halloween is comming! Do you have plans for Halloween? I got lots and lots òUo! 
Hee hehehehehe~ 

Take care~!

October 07, 2012

Pink and days and blue

Lately I've seen my friends a lot~
Like last week, I went to Bia's house to play x3 and she retouched my pinks

we're lovely

and also I got this new job

I'm a receptionist at a hostel, where I pick up the phone, make reservations, open the door and get stuff for people from all over the world.
In my last trip we stayed in a hostel, it's a great experience! I spoke with two or three people out of my group, I guess I'm too shy to really make friends at first? >3< I don't know how in hell I like Tomomi and Takeru so so much. 

In my desk I can DJ my whole shift. I usually play the Beatles or Queen or if everything is quiet I go with reggae to get in a sleepy mood - u -"

Oh, today I went to watch Hotel Transilvania with some of the girls!
Today's outfit <3

I have so much with them!
I'm super tired now ;^; I have to choose my activities very wisely, or I'll be tired every day :T
So so sleepy...!

Kiss good night~
take care!!

September 14, 2012

San Francisco!

So I went traveling again....!
I know, I know, I never stop, bla bla... But it was too irresistible to deny this one offer...
Unable to stop myself from going...
The need to follow him, to see the sky he's shooting!
Because it's so much more fun, wherever there are friends, right?

Besides, I've never been to SF! Lovely, fresh, beautiful!

My Suzu and Andy!!!
I was inspired by Andy, to keep on drawing. I was so nervous when I showed him my recent 'art'. I don't take myself too seriously, I dont know if I can ever do anything with it but.... He approved, I'm happy!

By Suzuki Takeru
This is what I mean. 
Sky for me is the vast blue that join us, the thing we share in common. The one and only thing that draws us closer ~
Also I just love blue <3

So San Fran wasn't really so exciting, so we made a fucking exciting day!!
SKY DIVE!!!!!!!!

Swim in the vast blue!


By Suzuki Takeru
And after that, because the day wasn't exciting enough... WE WENT HITCH HIKING!!!!
Thank you for being so nice, Rachel!
hahaha.... whoo hoo!

And the rest was just adorable!

Yerba Buena Park

Golden Gate

By Suzuki Takeru
that fast boat thing I don't remember the name. But it was like super fast !!

By Suzuki Takeru

Glorious Americaaaaa... not.

oh god is 3AM whyyyy
Good night, Take care!!

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