April 04, 2013


Well I know no one wants to know about me per se!!
You just want to see Harajuku streets, don't ya? ;DDD

I would be like that too haha!

I went to Harajuku Fashion Walk for the first time! Junnyan is the boy wiz blue hair and ARALE cap, he's the organizer of the Harajuku Kids!
I wanna be a member too....! Love Harajuku Fashion~!

Well this video is from Tokyo Fashion, by clicking this link you can see much more pics of the day! 

I went with a little creepy cute outfit. Next time I wanna do something cuter!!! yeah!!!

Kali and me posing for a hundrer tourists at the Harajuku bridge....!

Today the sun came out so Im gonna go play in the park~!

See you soon!!!!!!!! 


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