November 29, 2013


So I don't own a lot of accessories 'cause I suck at picking those up.
and then again, Daiso sells the cutest stuff.

Then one day I went there and bought a lot of shit.
I know A__A

so I designed what I wanted to have, and cut the felt

and embroidered details!

tah dah!

I made some stuff

because Im bad at doing stuff but I still like doing them 

and in the end it relaxed me more than I thought it would!

Why don't you try? Felt is really easy to use~
I suck at mostly everything, so Im sure everyone can do this <3

take care!

November 28, 2013

Gothic Lolita Picnic

So last week we had a Gothic Lolita Picnic at Ikebukuro's shopping mall PARCO.
It was a talk show with Misako Aoki and fashion show with some popular models such as Kimura Yuu and Rin Rin doll. 
It wasn't very interesting as the only amateur lolita was the host, so we heard things we all know so well.
But I liked the ALGONQUINS fashion show and they gave us some sweets too ^_^
(I told you I would wear this outfit to death)
Bowler hat: G2 (Me My Mine?)
Flower w/ veil: DEVAS STORE
blouse: IW
Coat: F+F
Blazer: offbrand
skirt: Alice and the pirates
boots: victoria secrets
wig: mbok

So we arrived a tick late to the event but it was okay because they were late too.
after some mild troubles (as in one of our people got a confirmation email but was not on the list, etc) we managed to go to the event, which was at the rooftop.
it was cool at first, but too sunny and we couldn't see much.
And then the sun set and we froze.

Sara and me! ^__^

the host... yes the pictures suck 'cause we couldn't see.

fashion show

there was a meet and greet that took two hours for 40 people A_A
Kimura Yuu (colorfull hair) and Rin Rin doll.
I could talk to them and I was quite happy!
Kimura Yuu said I was very 'adult-ish' , and instead of saying the regular 'oh kawaii desu ne', she said 'how beautiful'.
and Im like 'noooooooooooooooooooooo *blush*'

Rin Rin doll and Misako. 
I dislike Misako.
She's plain, has no personality, looks like she's bored and idk, if it was just a cute face there's so many more people.
Also she left early.
Also she keeps saying that men have no place in Lolita fashion and I want to slap her.
That was my first 'encounter' with the Kawaii Ambassador. 

For the 'picnic' part, we got some tea and sweets

the sweets were designed by a patissiere technical school.
they wanted to make something so cute and easy to eat we would be troubled and couldn't bite but would really really want to.

took some guts to bite the bear WHICH IS A MACAROON.


the host was so cute.
IDK who she is, I just remember he couldn't get her lines right because they were in polite Japanese and that is tough shit.

Its a pancake house, but for 1790 yen (or something like that) you get a salad (your choice), main dish (your choice), a drink (you can choose cocktails!) and a pancake (also choice!)

I got me this big ass salad

and a hamburger

and berry nuts pancake.
(I wanna get skinny, but pancakes!)
After that we went to the ladies room cause too much waiting around.
but the mirrors were great so we had a selfie session!


more selfiesssssssssss

Cake, Akira-chan and Mi-chan
Ash was smoking xD

and what do  you do in japan?
so here's the day's profit.

See you next time!

take caaaaaare~

November 27, 2013


Since you guys LOOOVE voting!!!!
Let's hear what you would like to see more on Mary in the Sky!

You know the deal, comment with the number of your choice. It's multi-choice so don't be afraid to stutter! 

Let's go?
Let's go!!!!!!!

1. Art art post more art
2. Outfits and rundowns
3. Places, where are you going?
4. What are you buying, more detailed hauls!
5. Interviews! ask people stuff (who would you like me to ask stuff to?)
6. About fashion (tell me which)
7. Tutorials!
8. (write your own suggestion!!)

Thanks a lot, your collaboration will make this blog better! and brighter! and with more fun stuff! YAY STUFF!

ミ☆Take careミ☆

November 25, 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk #20 !

Peep peep!
Today I bring to you Harajuku Fashion Walk! Edition #20!
I tried Fairy Kei for the first time, I felt like mahou shoujo ;3

Harajuku fashion walk happens every 2 months (kinda) and we meet in front of JR Harajuku station (Takeshita Dori exit) at 14h, where we take group pictures. Then, we walk around harajuku, take a break and take more pics, keep walking until the Meijingu Bridge.
Then we take pics and allow tourist to take pics of us! ^__^ that's my fav part, cause since I was 12, I always googled 'harajuku' and the bridge would appear, and I would think 'I wish I could be there, it would be great to be photographed in interesting clothes at that place'. And now, 10 years later, Im able toooooo!

It was very sunny today!

This time I re encountered several people I met last walk. It's like, 1000000 times better to go 'again' and recognize and/or be recognized!
This is lovely Nostique!

I met again this two, from last time!! They always look adoooorable and like mahou shoujo! (one of them always carries a magical wand with her haha)

Junnyan taking pics of Akira-chan

Today I -finally- asked to take a pic together.
He always looks busy, so I never bother, BUUUT today it was pretty -empty- so yeah!
Junyan  is the organizer of Harajuku Fashion Walks! yaaay

Meijingu bridge <3

in autumn!
The following are pictures by our dearest, most awesome ninja photographer in the kawaii sekai!
Kjeld Duits, from Japanese Streets!

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits
that's cutie pie Naru! she looks like a princes in this pic *_*/

photo by K. Duits
and.... Im a fugu fish

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits
Utoto! She's so adorableeeee!!!

photo by K. Duits
Mi and Akira-chan!

photo by K. Duits
I always spot her but never had the guts to talk to her up to now...!
This is Yuriko Tiger. Apparently she's a famous cosplayer, she got recognized on the bridge! O:
Thanks for joining us to dinner ^_^/ hope to see you again, you're so sweet!

and Tori and me took some puri!

☆Wig: Rhapsody from Gothic lolita wigs
☆Accessories: Handmade and 666creepsville and Chocomint
☆Jacket: BABY
☆Parka: AP
☆Skirt: Tricolor
☆Tshirt: World Wide Love
☆socks: Monomania and Tuttuanna
☆Sneakers: ADIDAS with customized (ribbon) shoe laces

with Mih and Akira too! yay

After the puri we parted of Tori, and went to Laforet cause Mi is buying things for her outfit for the AP tea party. That must be a pain in the ass D:
BUT BUT BUT we met Ai-chan!!! Soooo happy, but we got so carried away talking about everything that we didnt take picturessssss.... so
I did a quick sketch. Ai is like, the most adorable thing ever. Not a fake dolly cute. She's like, really cute, and honest. I've seen her two times now, and I can really relate to her. ALSO HER ENGLISH IS SO GOOD OMG 
I hope to see her more in the future~

So when I got to Yokohama my head was too heavy and the wig had bing FRIGGIN SPITTING OUT THE BOBBY PINS
so I made a toned down version of the outfit lol

~Im a fairy angel~


that was my sunday, I have to report about Saturday when I saw Misako, RinRin Doll and Kimura Yuu at the talk show at Ikebukuro (nothing much, but my pictures suck and Im waiting for the online ones ugh)

tomorrow school and studyyyyyyyy

take care, my fluffy nom noms!

November 20, 2013

November Lolita Picnic

ミ☆November Lolita Picnic!☆ミ
And -actual- in the park picnic with lolitas! I met the International Tokyo Lolita comm.
Y___Y not ronerii anymore yay!

we need to decide better posses? they look funny.

I though doing a picnic in November was CRAZY ! So cold that my fingers go numb!
But that day was really warm and cozy and it didn't rain or wind like a mofo.

It was a pot-luck picnic, so everyone brought something to eat or drink.
I brought drinks!
and funny enough we were much more delighted on the pasta than on the sweets
although we DID eat some home-made Swedish pancakes, and that was my sweets limit exceeded right there.
I put some jam and blueberries on mine, and HERP DERP I was so used to my mom's sugar-free jam back at home that I SIMPLY FORGOT that jam is like, made of sugar.

Other than that we had to many drinks lol 

(and a back view of my gorgeous bonnet~)

after eating and eating we played Taboo and UNO!
Longest UNO, for reals. I won third place though A__A

After that we went for some purikura 
(which is what you do in Japan, obviously)

this is the sweet gang!

AND AND AND Sarah and me won kitty cat cats on the UFO catcher!!!
It was def the BEST PART of the picniiiiicccc
we were SCREAMING at the machine and helping each other and jumping everytime ahahah
can we do it again? xD

anyways, ootd:
 (excuse the weird leg thingy)
ミ☆Bonnet: Baby
ミ☆Headbow: ?
ミ☆Flowers: H&M
ミ☆OP: Baby (Mary in the Sky!)
ミ☆Knit: Liz Lisa
ミ☆Shawl: offbrand
ミ☆Socks: 390 yen shop
ミ☆Shoes: Angelic Pretty

That's it!
Imma meet some of the girls again this weekend too!
I hope to see Akira and Laura on Saturday for a ~special event~
And then maybe Naru and Aly on Sunday!

After that you can forget about my face.
I have the JLPTs and this is my last weekend free. I'm already studying every day. I have limits.Like 40 minutes and I need to do anything else.


Take care, babies!!