October 30, 2013

[Review] Cyberdog Mesh Lenses★

So I ordered this lenses from CYBERDOG on Monday 21st and... Arrived 4 hours before the party on Saturday 26!

The logo is so cool!
They even wrote 'call xxx number before delivery' as I asked!
Of course they did not call me, but the store did exactly as requested.

All this came in the package.
A flyer, a return card, eye solution, a contact case and the contacts.

The contact case came with one lid only
(But I found it hilarious. I have more cases than contacts at home so that was ok lol)

and the lenses!

White Mesh

Cool stuff.

this is how they look!

Effect:★★★★☆ (scared everyone)
Comfort:★★☆☆☆ (don't wear both at same time)
Price: £18.00
Duration: 30 days

EVEN if I couldn't see so well, they are SO easy to put on I was cursing all my other contacts.

(as asked at the party and on the street)

★OMG can u see me??!
yes, I can see. Although its a little blurry. Please stop putting your hand on my face.

★Does it hurt??
Nope. Not at all

★Where did you buy those?
At Cyberdog.net, its a website from the UK. They send fast!

★May I take a picture???
(I was on the bathroom line) sureeee..... after I go in!

That was my review!
hope you like haha

Take care★!

October 28, 2013

Spooky Weekend★

Hello witches and wizards!
Pumpkins and black kittens!
Vampires and Ghouls!

(ok Im done)

This Saturday I went to a party !
Halloween is almost here so I was gonna go as a nurse....

Did you take ye pills yet

but then the mailman knocked on the door and brought my Cyberdog Mesh lenses!

And complimentary puri with Baobei.
(I felt like Shaman King's Eliza... ;__; just my luck we can't cosplay that 'cause Faust is german and Baobei is... baobei.)

And then on Sunday we went to Kawasaki's Halloween Parade!

★Vampire Baby!★
★Bonnet: offbrand
★Hair accessories masshup: Daiso, Lock Shop, Creepsville666
★Wig: Taobao
★Blouse: IW
★Skirt; AP
★stockings: offbrand
★TeaParties: Antaina

I put some pearls on my face! Im SO glad they stuck O_O
Im repeating this same outfit on Halloween Harajuku Fashion Walk, so I'll pop in a tutorial!!!

Make up and zombie eye detail


So umn... The parade seemed to be so cool. But I couldn't see. For some reason I was _so_ short. In my life I've never been too short for anything. Except modeling. But.
Urrrr. Also I would've liked to walk WITH the parade and not just watch. Next year I'll go òUó

Japan being Japan.


The hat was bigger than the kid, guys.

More selfies.
Dark meets Elegance.

OH I went with a bunch of peoples from school!
This is Sandra from Sandra no Sekai.
She's currently on her first shironuri!
I think its great how she mixed Takuya Angel with shironuri!

This might be my fav purikura up till now.
Except her hat and clothes were the same color of the green screen on the back, and because of that she would dissapear XD so funny. I drew the green parts again, but I didn't do a very good job ;^;

AH! They released this "And BF" puri machine and it makes boys not look like girls, because the machine knows it's a boy and it wont photoshop them to look kawaii A__A

And Im a vamire XD


On our way home we went by Zou Hana Kouen and there's this expo.
"Smart Illumination"

amongst favorites:

we could write with UV light!

Neon Doodle!

this sticks would change color if you pushed them.
4 directions; 4 colors. They would mix colors in between directions!

Good night, sweet dreams!

Take care★

October 26, 2013

BaoBei #1

UMN. So this is my first attempt on making a comic strip. Im going to try and keep it up. If I can, I'll update once a week. For now it doesn't have a storyline, nor a chronological sequence nor relation with real life.

This is called BaoBei (baby, in chinese) and its a Slice of Life kind of strip. I'm not really a funny person, but I'll give my best! I usually forget what I was gonna do and I come up with ideas when Im like, walking or brushing my teeth .... But yeeeaaah let's try thiss!

October 23, 2013

Art lately!

Today I made a few changes! I'm still on progress, but everything will look nice, I promise!
As you can see, I changed the background image.
It's small elements from the print Mary in the Sky, from Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

(You can take it but please credit me back!)

Also I drew some of  my friends, quite randomly!

This is Kakao, she's always so fluffy and sparkly! 
I like her colorful and cheerful outfits~ 
(forgot to sign lol)

And this is Kitty!
She's tiny and adorable, specializes in Creepy cute!
Visit her store Sugary Creepy if you have a while to spare~
Im very glad she liked this doodle, she even put it up her blog! ^__^ !

I'll draw more, I'll make time for it...
for now,

Sweet dreams~

October 20, 2013

From Zero to.... Well, one.

I haven't been posting in a while hurrrrr sorry
apart from slight depressive moments on which I cannot leave my room (not because of sadness, but because of melancholy and idk , ill will to do shit), I haven't been up to much.

So here's not a tutorial (cause I fail to teach anything) but a step-by-step transformation makeup haha
washed up face... Zero!

Contacts, skin care (Powderless liquid for Cover and BB mineral powder)

Pale eyeshadows (cause its raining and its boring?), eyeliner, eyelashes.
also don't forget the browsssss!
some blush for that ghostie face <3

hair down, accessories.
IGNORE that hair of mine, it's humid and it puffs up like crazy.
I should've worn a wig. Because ugly hair day and because its arse freezing outside, so it would have been perfect.
Tomorrow I might wear a wig so I don't die this time ;_;"

I joined the Tokyo International Lolita group today.
I hope I can meet people.
Im being an idiot again.


Take care, pretty babies!!!

October 13, 2013

October Haul!

Hello lovely (43~52) people that read or just look at the pictures in this blog!!

Today the inside lolita (rightfully)slapped me and told me to stop moaning and do something about it.
So I went shopping!
I had a budget of 100 USD.
And on the first try on the register I made 40USD. I was like. No, wait, I'll have another look.

FIRST! Pink!!!!!!!!! (Slowly, I will use pink because I like it and it does suit me)
Its a common hoodie parka.
Angelic Pretty
Cute point: the cristal hearts! I feel like Mahou Shoujo!

Second hoodie, this one is more loose and ITS A BEAR!
To my surprise (it was buried on the floor, behind a box. Prolly another lolita tried to hide it to buy it later HAH), it came with tag! 
Angelic Pretty
Original price: 110USD (11,000 yen)
Paid price: 37USD (3,700yen!)


BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
It says trick or treat and the sleeves don't cut my arm's blood flow.
Cute point: It bloody says trick or treat.

Angelic Pretty
Its not too short, it just covers my belly button~! And its not so attention caller~!
(but I live in Japan so whatever?)
Cute point: You can't see it but there's a small AP heart charm sewn to the tip of the ribbon stamp!
Also the ribbon on the back is A-DO-RA-BURU

And last, all black simple (really oldstyle) skirt!
Angelic Pretty!
It was so ugly at first, when I tried it, but then I put the petticoat (they let you borrow one at the store so you can see how it looks) and WOAH. THIS BABY IS MINE
Cute point: It has a heart of lace and ribbon. It looks like a pocket but it isnt, haha.... I wish it was though.
Didn't come with waist ties, but ohwell

Also I bought this lovely wig at Bodyline!!
it was only 15USD (1500 yen) and its amazingly easy to comb, wear and keep on!
its light brown with strawberry pink high lights! adorbs~

welp, I'll probably won't be buying anything else this months.
Maybe food but not sure 

(but no maybe I can live on pasta and stuff)

See you next time!

Take careeeeee~