December 26, 2013

Review- Bunny House

Im not dead!
Just really tired, vacations started and I only wanna sleep. But there's things to do so ;;' can't sleep.

I ordered a petti and blouse from Bunny House!

This is the petti. It was 20 USD ! 
they have lovely pastel colors~

☆Material: 5/5
☆Poof: 6/5 (seriously amazed!)
☆Comfort: 4/5 (the inner part is soo itchy, but other than that, A-OKAY!

and also a blouse!
Long sleeved and short sleeved are USD 20, +2 for ribbon!



ribbon detail


 So this part I don't really like. The button ends and the collar still seems open, 'cause it comes with some sort of gap between the first button and the collar?
This is the model of all their shirts. When you tie the ribbon it can't be noticed, but that means I need a ribbon or tie every time I use this shirt!

☆Material: 4.5/5 (there's a small lace that is a little too cheap)
☆Model: 4.5/5 (apart from the gap on the collar, adorable!
☆Comfort: 5/5 

Trick hat by Baby over Bunny house petti!

I really like how it fits, I asked for an L size and its all loose and comfy!
Also Im tall so long sleeved blouses are a pain in the ass to find.

For the store:
☆Customer service: 5/5 GREAT!
☆Shipping: 5/5 as soon as it was done, she shipped. 
☆Price: 5/5
☆Price x Quality value: 5/5

So yeah, Petti Overall: 4.5/5
Shirt Overall: 4.5/5
Store Overall: 5/5

100% will buy again!
I have my eyes on this cat cape, I like bear ears over cat ears, and pink would do fine.... maybe another pink hummm....

anyways Take caaaaaaaaare~!

December 20, 2013

Tea, Tea, more tea!

Last weekend I had a b-day party at Sweets collection, Harajuku~

This is my plate!
we could decorate our own cookies!! *__*

Birthday girl Sandra~

with coat, without coat.
Headbow: offbrand
capelet: Baby
Coat: Putumayo
Cardigan: G.U
Dress: AP
Stockings: Swimmer
Shoes: Taobao

and that day I wore my own hair~!

'what's that?!'
De, Hina, Aki, Sandra and me~

then on Tuesday I went to Q-pot Café (Harajuku) with stunning Ashley!


Same capelet+coat ensemble. Its SO COLD geebus.

closer shot to all the stuff I wore on my head.
In the end I just took off the bonnet because its too many stuff.
This bonnet has no pin or anything to hold it in my head, so it slips backwards -__-
also its really windy lately and its hard to walk (no srsly)


seasonal Mr. Snowman plate....
derpy cuuuute

the wall is made of cookies. Those tables are also cookies

my plate!

we played a Ohime-sama and Ouji-sama look~
next time we'll twin this dress! she has black version yay

bow + jsk: Btssb
blouse: btssb
capelet: btssb
roses: bodyline + h&m
socks: Tuttuanna
Boots: bodyline

and those crown wand thingies are from Aatp, both are Ash's <3

I had too much fun I haven't even been able to dress myself properly.
I mean Im too tired idk.

Oh well. Tomorrow I have a review!
and a part-ay!

In Japan we Xmas party and eat cake! Yay!

Taaaaaaaake care!

December 12, 2013

Fire Alpaca

it's a new art program (new? idk I found it via tumblr!)
and I haaad to test it out!
I suck at SAI and photoshop,
I suck at everything tho.

And this is so easy to use and I got used to it really quick !
I saved it with a wallpaper and in .jpg and .png

So happy!

So this one I call it 'The Ginko trees let go of their leaves, so why can’t I let go of you'
Ginko Trees for short.

I really like it .U. <3
Late autumn piece~!

Oh and I made a Tumblr Gallery in case anyone wants to keep track of my doodles.
Mostly old stuff, but I'm really trying to update often!!

This week I've been napping a lot.
I hope I wake up.

Take care, winter bears~!

December 09, 2013


Almost forgot!
I had a horrible week and then Loliday rushed up on me.
I was late to everything. And Im starting to hate December :'D
But anyway:

For Loliday I went out with the International Lolita group ~
We had a secret santa and we had an 'after party' at TGIFriday's.

My makeup!

Akira-chan got me! Im so happy about that~!

She knows me XD I opened the baggie and it rained sweets! They are stickers!!
also she gave me that gorgeous handmade bracelet !! *-*
and there's a Imai Kira post card, WHICH I ADORED.

So this is my outfit. I made a 2010 reboot! Xmas ver.
19 year old me vs 22 year old me xD
ミ☆Rundown (2013)
☆Tiara > hanmade
☆Wig > Taobao
☆Glasse > WEGO
☆Capelet: Btssb
☆knit: Liz Lisa
☆Blouse: Btssb
☆JSK: Mother Goose by btssb
☆Furry things: Daiso
☆Shoes: Bodyline

I took the musical pattern of the dress as the outfit point. The outfit is inspired on Christmas Carols~

I don't understand puri sometimessss.... My legs wtf

team blue! 
(When we're in too large groups we split into similar color // style !)

after secret santa we split and did pers stuff.
and met at TGI Friday's

And I met Santaaaaa! They needed Rudolph-san

Mi-chan being cute as everrrr


In other newsssss......

01. my dad got re-married and I was up at 3am so I could watch online :( I've been fucking bummed all month long cause I missed this and many other things. I really like weddings and I really like my dad's wife. Im sorry at anyone if I've bitten, but I don't feel like behaving.
Im sad and Im pissed at so many things, this being the only big and 'worthy of mention'. It's the only reason the public would understand......
But my selfishness aside, kudos papá!

02. I could get (and pay) my reservation for the Midsummer bla blá blá print !!!!!!!!
IT'LL BE MINE (IN MARCH)!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait, it's one of my dream prints + jsks!
I hope that bitch fits tho.

Have a lovely week!
Winter started here, the leaves suddenly vanished where I live.

☆☆☆Take careeeeee!☆☆☆