April 19, 2013

入学式 ~ Admission Ceremony

Today we had somewhat of an 'admission ceremony', on our second week of school (o.o")
I wore my favorite 'serious' dress, Calvin Klein <3
I lost weight now the dress its loose arround the waist T_T

Adult like Maria

There's school anthem o_o!
Even if its such a small school.... It was kind of cool!

all the teachers went up and congratulated us yay!

This are my friends!
Unfortunately everyone is on the afternoon classes, and Im on the morning classes....
next to me it's Lynzy, Heather and Sara!

And the choir sung us a song and the dance club danced.
It was so much fun !!!

Then magicaly tables appeared and they were filled with candy and chips and stuff !!
We got all the spares and took them home SO HAPPY!
                                            LOOOOVE free food *___*/

After the ceremony we went to Yokohama's station for shopping!

Donki has the most interesting stuff.
Im a goldfish, somehow.

One of my favourite words in Japanese is 食べ放題(tabe-houdai), which means ALL YOU CAN EAT.
What. Inside fat-ass gluton.
So it was okonomiyaki with curry and ice-cream all you can eat!

I make better okonomiyaki. This was made by the cook U_U~
but for 680yen with all you can eat curry and icecream and soda, whatevs <3

so full but it was free ice-cream T_T

After that.... CLOTHES!
Showed Lynzy and Sandra Yokohama's Closet Child!
It's so cheap @u@~

Today's haul!

PEACE NOW long sleeve new with tag!

PUTUMAYO leg warmers and this awesome tie!
(I was thinking on someone else when I bought it, but probably will keep it.)

h.ANARCHY tee.
I HAVE TO MANY h.ANARCHY. But the clerk was so 'it's only 1000 yen, you SHOULD really buy it...!' it's like a puppy that followed me home Σ(゚д゚lll)

and and this PUTUMAYO skirt! <3 LOVE LOVE!

new rings too!

My heart is black~

That's it! Oh this weekend will be very busy so MORE PICS waaa---i!
te he, see ya!

Take care!


Write in any language I will reply anyways <3
Still if you've got questions please ask.fm me!


  1. Que liiinda a saia da Putumayo *-*
    Argh, esse okonomiyaki com curry fez os monstrinhos na minha barriga se debaterem ;_; fome.

    1. sei como vc se sente, lembrei agora e morrendo de vontade de voltar uheuheu



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