June 12, 2014

Cosmic Release - at Shinjuku

I went to line up at Shinjuku's Pretty for the Cosmic Release.
it was HELL for a piece of heaven

we got there pretty early and got number 45 and 46 (took my room mate for this) 

But on the lottery I got 111 (<- seriously?!) and room mate got 48 Y__Y

In the end it all worked up OKAY!
I wanted Navy, Ivory or Lavender.... the two first were sold out so fast...!
We could get two dresses each @_@ So I got Hana the JSK in Ivory <3

To celebrate Cosmic, Hina and Akira came to my place and we had Takoyaki party!

After a while I got bad at making them and forgot to put oil and they would get stuck to the pan XD

puri of the day

last selfie

and ended by myself watching RuPaul's drag race with some chu-high and strawberries <3

Take care!

June 11, 2014

Hand made

Hello again! <3
When Im sad or lonely I make things. Drawing, sewing, whatever comes, creating is a rather fantastic escape of dark feelings.
And you get beautiful things out of it! Profit <3

For the first time I made a headpiece:


And also for the first time, I made a HAT.
I took the patterns from FLEECEFUN.COM
and just got going

At first it looked so shabby and awful even for a first try, but I sort of like it now <3

Haven't had the chance to actually wear it yet!! Y___Y
I'll provide a pastel pirate coord for this <3 <3

take care xoxo

June 10, 2014

ROMANTICA - Lumière'K Tea Party

Opened the mirror door above the stairs and found a magical forest inside


were pirates and princesses had tea together

But in the middle of tea...
'...... FANGS!'

I was discovered! The only vampire in the room....!

"I guess I have been found out...!!" I said, snatching a pistol from one of them
But soon enough I was surrounded and got captured!

Transported to the ship...

By the Captain, Phil and his right hand Kanon

I was able to trick them with my vampire charms
And steal the ship. Now I am captain.

....Joking! haha
This was a tea party called ROMANTICA, held at Lumière'K café in Koenji, Tokyo!
The place is a really beautiful 3 theme café, in a rather hidden location !

 I hope I can attend once more, I really had much fun taking photos and talking with new people !*_*
see you next time!

Take care!

June 09, 2014

Ghibli Museum

I havent been posting at all Im sorry iUi

Went to the Ghibli Museum with my friends, it's like 10 min walking from my house 8D

My coord was Kiki inspired ! <3
With me Hina and Tara

Hina and D

He's tall but he's a sweetheart >3<
he likes birds~

Pretty views


After the Museum we went to Shakeys and ate ALL THE PIZZA <33333 

Group shot <3

Puri of the Day >U<
Black team Pastel team haha

Im sorry for being idle, I'll stop being lazy!!
Take care <3