December 26, 2012

Purple purple!

So I was bored of white, and dyed my fringe purple~

I made a mess hahaha

I was still bored so I dyed the half of my head, even if it wasnt white!

I'm a blueish purple alien \\_//

at first it was kind of black, but now it looks more purple?
I like it!
Hey, Merry X'mas~ 

Take care ~

December 21, 2012

Expected unexpected ♫

Um so... I know people come more into my blog to see my outfits. So I'll start posting the weekly outfits gathering from my instagram//tumblr. What'cha think?

But I came here just to share the wonderful news.....

I'm going back to Japan YAY ♥

This time, I'm going for a whole year~! Sooooooooooo excited aaaahhh <o>

So, I'm using Go!Go!Nihon! to make the applications and student visa. I chose Yokohama Design College, not just because it's a design college, but because Yokohama is fucking awesome. I could be in Shibuya, but it's just too expensive? Also I need to focus on my studies. May I can find room mates that want to share an apartment in Tokyo, you never know.

FOR NOW I just sent the applications and I need to send a copy of my passport and send a 3x4cm picture of my face. THe guys at Go Go Nihon are very quick and reply fast enough, also they make everything look easy and not scary! They reply in 3 languages for me so Im very amused haha
I also contacted the staff at YDC and she's also quite nice.

Since it's my second exchange, I'm not so scared. Im too excited... I'll go in April ♥
Guess who's Shopping Service will be upgraded... Mine and Katherine Kingdom, obviously.
Speaking of Kat, we have many many surprises and projects to work on, right? ♫ Look forward to all, we'll make it happen ~

Take care ♥

December 10, 2012


We went bowling with Larissa, the manager of the Hostel (which is my age) and some guys from Beats Hostel (which is the brother hostel from the same owners)

We had an amazing time! 

I suck though....

Take care~!

December 02, 2012

Lock Shop

Umn, well, I actually never try to participate in anything, but my friends all know I wanted to and told me I should. So I am now participating in the Lockshop contest~!

yaaay.... Not really       ?! ww ;___;"

So this is my pic!

If you click on it it should go to my link at Lockshop's contest.

I know I'm nothing special like the other girls, but I wanted to participte, give it a go!
I don't really have a chance, since so many girls have alrerady 500 votes on the.... first day of voting. Ha ha ha Im such a looser xD

Well, anyways!
Have you ever won a prize, at anything? I dont participate on anything, so I think I've never won anything!
You should believe in yourselves and do it!

Take care >w<"