November 30, 2012

Got item! November

kya~n! some of the items I ordered from the internet are here yay!

banana fish tee *-*

It's a lovely off brand!

also, this monomania package is so cute, isn't it?
Imma make a photo frame of this later!!

Off brand creepy cuuu-te! eyes cream! hahaha

This is the monomania items, my two tone (pink X purple) tights and a bowed eye ring!

Creepy cute here I go yay! >U<

Have you been buying things recently? What did you ask for Xmas? I wanna know tee hee~

Take care ;)


  1. Lindas peças!! Adorei a legging de estrelas!! *-*

    Minha última compra foi um OP handmade não muito bem sucedido... Quero um RHS de natal!! *o*
    Espero conseguir ganhar!!

    Bjo bjo...

  2. Tem uma legging de estrelas e listras idêntica a sua no poupee

  3. me encantaron las de rayas verticales, he querido unas asi <3


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