November 12, 2012


Herp derp super late post Y___Y"

Im always waiting for photos, 'cause I always ALWAYS forget my camera....!
Well on the 31st was on a Wednesday, so I went up meccha gothic for work ;D

behold the melting vampire!!
 Yeah, so we did a party on Saturday!!!
We (well Erin and Steph) baked some creepy cute foods for the ocation~

I did help, by doing all the details (faces/hats/what nots)
And my costume was supposed to be frankenstein nurse, but it ended up being... Alice?!

I broke Alice. I don't have picks umn Y^Y

Erin with a bunny!

Kiki and Le Fay!

My first carved pumpking! *0*/ It was very fast to do, my friend baked it first lol
Well that was my halloween yay! 
Did you have a nice trick or treat~?
fu fu fu

Take care~!


  1. Olá, parabéns pelo blog!
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    Obrigado pela atenção

  2. Os biscoitos ficaram tõ bonitinhos >:3 queria ter cortadores fofinhos assim!

    [Cake, não consigo te enviar e-mails, se tiver algum outro para entrar em contato, eu agradeço :D]


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