October 07, 2012

Pink and days and blue

Lately I've seen my friends a lot~
Like last week, I went to Bia's house to play x3 and she retouched my pinks

we're lovely

and also I got this new job

I'm a receptionist at a hostel, where I pick up the phone, make reservations, open the door and get stuff for people from all over the world.
In my last trip we stayed in a hostel, it's a great experience! I spoke with two or three people out of my group, I guess I'm too shy to really make friends at first? >3< I don't know how in hell I like Tomomi and Takeru so so much. 

In my desk I can DJ my whole shift. I usually play the Beatles or Queen or if everything is quiet I go with reggae to get in a sleepy mood - u -"

Oh, today I went to watch Hotel Transilvania with some of the girls!
Today's outfit <3

I have so much with them!
I'm super tired now ;^; I have to choose my activities very wisely, or I'll be tired every day :T
So so sleepy...!

Kiss good night~
take care!!


  1. Ugly bathroom is just... ugly! :S

    Had a great time with you and the other girls yesterday! ♥ I'm not sure if I told you this, but your skirt was just SO lovely! :O

  2. Esa película es en serio bonita <3


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