December 02, 2012

Lock Shop

Umn, well, I actually never try to participate in anything, but my friends all know I wanted to and told me I should. So I am now participating in the Lockshop contest~!

yaaay.... Not really       ?! ww ;___;"

So this is my pic!

If you click on it it should go to my link at Lockshop's contest.

I know I'm nothing special like the other girls, but I wanted to participte, give it a go!
I don't really have a chance, since so many girls have alrerady 500 votes on the.... first day of voting. Ha ha ha Im such a looser xD

Well, anyways!
Have you ever won a prize, at anything? I dont participate on anything, so I think I've never won anything!
You should believe in yourselves and do it!

Take care >w<"


  1. Que linda!
    Que me lembre nunca ganhei um concurso desse tipo também... Mas desejo boa sorte pra você ^^

  2. Que lindaa a foto!!! Vou torcer muito pra você ganhar! ^^


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