November 01, 2012

☆Give Away☆

Hello boys and girls from all over the world だ━━ヽ(*ゝヮ゜*)ノノ━━っ♪(ok not so much)
This is my first Give Away~~! yaaay Because I want to celebrate my over 100 followers (I'm astonished, really!) and welcome my new tumblr (which is not poluted yet lol) I'm doing this Give Away~!

(So shut up and tell us the prices already!!!) Yes, yes, on to it then!!
YAY free samples I got from my last BB cream purchase 
(Not so much, but hurr durr)

Umn Super + BB cream whitening and anti wrinkling (x3)

This are the same, but for some reason it's a litte different. Same shizzle, though. (x3)


Common BB Cream (x3)

hey this look like condomns--- they're not ok; ̄ロ ̄)
 Super hydro moisturizing CREAM (x3)

This are little thin papers to take off the oil from your skin. (x1)

So yeah, also because I want to promote my artsies I'll do a mini portrait (like this) of the deary winner! (So once I announce the winner, please give me a picture you'd like to be drawn and yeah 

How to participate;
1. Follow Mary in the Sky (this blog) and Cake Tumblr-ism (if you don't have a tumblr it's okay, but you must follow Mary in The Sky at least)
2. Reblog in your own blog (Can be resumed, not the whole thing I know I talk to much ;U; sorry guys)
3.  Leave a comment HERE saying you want to participate (or else I can't get your name lol)
4. That's it! Contest is up till November 25th ヾ( ^ω^)ノ

Thank you guys for following my boring blog of selfishness and my trips and all ;U; ILU all

See you in a while then? Oh oh Saturday is our big Halloween party! I won't forget the camera this time I swear to Rilakkuma. My costume is ready and uuuuuuh yeah 

Take care!


  1. Yay x33 I'm following your blog and your tumblr x33
    And here is the link with the reblog x33

  2. Participando o/

    Aqui está o reblog:


  3. Participandoo!! ^^

  4. Bora, participando, shareei no face.


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