September 14, 2012

San Francisco!

So I went traveling again....!
I know, I know, I never stop, bla bla... But it was too irresistible to deny this one offer...
Unable to stop myself from going...
The need to follow him, to see the sky he's shooting!
Because it's so much more fun, wherever there are friends, right?

Besides, I've never been to SF! Lovely, fresh, beautiful!

My Suzu and Andy!!!
I was inspired by Andy, to keep on drawing. I was so nervous when I showed him my recent 'art'. I don't take myself too seriously, I dont know if I can ever do anything with it but.... He approved, I'm happy!

By Suzuki Takeru
This is what I mean. 
Sky for me is the vast blue that join us, the thing we share in common. The one and only thing that draws us closer ~
Also I just love blue <3

So San Fran wasn't really so exciting, so we made a fucking exciting day!!
SKY DIVE!!!!!!!!

Swim in the vast blue!


By Suzuki Takeru
And after that, because the day wasn't exciting enough... WE WENT HITCH HIKING!!!!
Thank you for being so nice, Rachel!
hahaha.... whoo hoo!

And the rest was just adorable!

Yerba Buena Park

Golden Gate

By Suzuki Takeru
that fast boat thing I don't remember the name. But it was like super fast !!

By Suzuki Takeru

Glorious Americaaaaa... not.

oh god is 3AM whyyyy
Good night, Take care!!

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  1. Skydiving O.O
    Eu me assustei nessa parte

  2. que increíble todoooo rii ;U;!!
    vi tus fotos del paracaídas en el facebook! andaba esperando a leerlo aquí


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