November 27, 2013


Since you guys LOOOVE voting!!!!
Let's hear what you would like to see more on Mary in the Sky!

You know the deal, comment with the number of your choice. It's multi-choice so don't be afraid to stutter! 

Let's go?
Let's go!!!!!!!

1. Art art post more art
2. Outfits and rundowns
3. Places, where are you going?
4. What are you buying, more detailed hauls!
5. Interviews! ask people stuff (who would you like me to ask stuff to?)
6. About fashion (tell me which)
7. Tutorials!
8. (write your own suggestion!!)

Thanks a lot, your collaboration will make this blog better! and brighter! and with more fun stuff! YAY STUFF!

ミ☆Take careミ☆


Any thoughts? Shootミ☆