November 10, 2013

MusicxFashion YOKOOTO Collection + Tsuchiya Anna Live

Hello my loves.
On Saturday 9th there was a Fashion and Music show from my school at the Yokohama Pacifico !
My name is inside under the label 'Models' and it only says 'Maria' in katakana xD
pretty lame but it's something 

Show day. We had to meet at school at 6:30 am (I was late ugh) and we got into an anpanman bus  ! Which was embarrasiiinnnng! Like ALL the models inside this bus that is made for taking 3~4 year olds to kindergarden ahahaha  we needed two buses and we could fit one person for chair! 

I sneaked some pics, but we soon had to go backstage '~' 

we're good to goooo!

Photo by Sandra no Sekai
This is me being lonely on stage.
We were supposed to go two people by turn, but the Colorful collection had 5 pieces only, so they said 'OH MARIA CAN GO BY HERSELF'
and yeah ;__; There were like 20 people or so, so even though the place was huge I didn't mind that much ? A_A 
There's my first and third outfit video on my bf's instagram.
If you don't have anything to do please watch >_<
Photo by Sandra no Sekai

Everyone did so good. 
I think this might be my last catwalk for this school. :(
Oh well, I had fun. 

After our show, there were many other schools making precious collections!

Sorry for the far away pic.
I fell asleep through it 'cause I woke up 6am. lol

After that there was a free Tsuchiya Anna  concert!
Like. I didn't even know she was still active, after he retired from modeling!
She's become such a nice person. She used to horrible to other people. But even though it was far away from a full house, she was constantly calling us 'yasashii' (nice/gentle) and 'oneesans/oniichans' (sisters and brothers) and it was oh so cozy.

Also how do you bare two children and get THAT skinny, christ.

To tell you the truth I was so excited. The days before the designers would ask me if I was, making me more excited about it. The day before the show, one of them came all baffled to me 'Maria, I just got into the elevator with her....!' and Im like seeeeeeeeeriously why wasnt that me i_i
he said she was tiny haha

A video of one of the songs *3*

and that was my Saturday!
Im so tired ;^; 
People keep telling me to get into modeling but... but... It was such a great failure in Brazil. It takes money to be a model. It takes not eating things that I like, if you're not naturally skinny.
I enjoy modeling a LOT, but in compensation I cannot diet seriously.
I started exercising with Baobei but. Yeah. @3@

Anyways soon I'll post my Wish List and I have some comic strips on paper (omg) to post around!
Take care, sweet dreams! 


Any thoughts? Shootミ☆