November 05, 2013

Sunday, Alice in Waseda Land

So on Sunday I got up early, put up makeup, put up a rather casual-ish coord (pure Pretty!) and went out to meet Naru at Yokohama
(IGNORE MY HAIR I could not get it right and I was late and UGH it just would not colaborate...)
Headbow: AP
Cutsew: AP
Bolero: offbrand
Pink hoodie: AP
Skirt: AP
Doll tights: Lockshop
Ankle socks: tutuanna~
Shoes: AP


Ok so we wanted to go by Kera Snap (!!) before Wasedaland, and got there waaaay too early.
We met up with Cat and Gizzy at Shinjuku and went to Marui Annex o3o/ My first time in Shinjuku was so short lol

since it was WAY too blody early we went to Swalowtail's Cafe!
NOT the Butler Café, the regular café, small and cozy. It was sort of weird having an English classical looking place with FRAMED anime pics. We couldn't take any pictures of it, but we could take pics of the food!

This is a Blood Cherry Parfait *__*/
It's a colab dessert with Blood Lad (I'm actually reading that manga lol)~
And it was so good! The cherries were sour and the cherry sorvet was delicious!

So afer that we got Kera Snapped (I was number 6 ;u; hehe) we went to THE BUSIEST PLACE EVER OH GOD.
Waseda is a renamed college here (HUGE CAMPUS) and they were having a cultural festival.
I never got so pushed from side to side beforeee @___@ gross.

photo by Cat
This is the loveliest lolita ever. We just met once, I hope its okay to post this picture T___T!!!
It was great meeting you T-chan!

photo by Gizzy
This is me, Cat and Harriet!!

I met some hispanic lolis <33
That's me, Marianita (mexico!), lovely and radiant Ana and a busy bee Gizzy!

They had many things on the Lolita Room (Alice in Wasedaland). They had tea, juice, cookies and snacks. They had a 2006 Kera !!!!!
and 2012 GosuRori !

Whatcha doing, Cathyyyyyy

Every 2 hours they had micro fashion shows, of two people each.
(The middle ouji is the show's announcer)

This are Ai and Choomi (?)
They seem to work at Maison de Julietta. O:
Ai speaks a little English, she was a sweetheart and allowed me to try and speak in Japanese ~ And IF I got stuck she would wait patiently for me to complete my phrases. 
Also she is like,naturally cute. Not that fakeness sugary coat. She's funny and cute. I really respect that <3

So that was my Sunday at the magical Waseda Land!

See you soon, take care!


  1. Que dia maravilhosooo! =D parece que foi bem diver ~_~, adorei teu outfit ficou um amor (人・ω・)♡.

    1. Sim, me diverti horrores! *_* cansei mas hmph
      Obrigada fofa~~ achei simples demais, da prox vez farei melhor (◍ ´꒳` ◍)b

  2. Parece ter sido um dia ótimo! E você estava tão fofinha :3

    Evejas enormes dessa taça de sorvete ;w;

    1. Sorvete tava muito bom, pena que foi tipo $14 reais ଘ(੭´ ꒫`)੭̸

  3. This is Ai!!Thanks for introducing us♪Hope I can see you soon.

    1. Its okay, it was really nice to see you!


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