November 25, 2013

Harajuku Fashion Walk #20 !

Peep peep!
Today I bring to you Harajuku Fashion Walk! Edition #20!
I tried Fairy Kei for the first time, I felt like mahou shoujo ;3

Harajuku fashion walk happens every 2 months (kinda) and we meet in front of JR Harajuku station (Takeshita Dori exit) at 14h, where we take group pictures. Then, we walk around harajuku, take a break and take more pics, keep walking until the Meijingu Bridge.
Then we take pics and allow tourist to take pics of us! ^__^ that's my fav part, cause since I was 12, I always googled 'harajuku' and the bridge would appear, and I would think 'I wish I could be there, it would be great to be photographed in interesting clothes at that place'. And now, 10 years later, Im able toooooo!

It was very sunny today!

This time I re encountered several people I met last walk. It's like, 1000000 times better to go 'again' and recognize and/or be recognized!
This is lovely Nostique!

I met again this two, from last time!! They always look adoooorable and like mahou shoujo! (one of them always carries a magical wand with her haha)

Junnyan taking pics of Akira-chan

Today I -finally- asked to take a pic together.
He always looks busy, so I never bother, BUUUT today it was pretty -empty- so yeah!
Junyan  is the organizer of Harajuku Fashion Walks! yaaay

Meijingu bridge <3

in autumn!
The following are pictures by our dearest, most awesome ninja photographer in the kawaii sekai!
Kjeld Duits, from Japanese Streets!

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits
that's cutie pie Naru! she looks like a princes in this pic *_*/

photo by K. Duits
and.... Im a fugu fish

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits

photo by K. Duits
Utoto! She's so adorableeeee!!!

photo by K. Duits
Mi and Akira-chan!

photo by K. Duits
I always spot her but never had the guts to talk to her up to now...!
This is Yuriko Tiger. Apparently she's a famous cosplayer, she got recognized on the bridge! O:
Thanks for joining us to dinner ^_^/ hope to see you again, you're so sweet!

and Tori and me took some puri!

☆Wig: Rhapsody from Gothic lolita wigs
☆Accessories: Handmade and 666creepsville and Chocomint
☆Jacket: BABY
☆Parka: AP
☆Skirt: Tricolor
☆Tshirt: World Wide Love
☆socks: Monomania and Tuttuanna
☆Sneakers: ADIDAS with customized (ribbon) shoe laces

with Mih and Akira too! yay

After the puri we parted of Tori, and went to Laforet cause Mi is buying things for her outfit for the AP tea party. That must be a pain in the ass D:
BUT BUT BUT we met Ai-chan!!! Soooo happy, but we got so carried away talking about everything that we didnt take picturessssss.... so
I did a quick sketch. Ai is like, the most adorable thing ever. Not a fake dolly cute. She's like, really cute, and honest. I've seen her two times now, and I can really relate to her. ALSO HER ENGLISH IS SO GOOD OMG 
I hope to see her more in the future~

So when I got to Yokohama my head was too heavy and the wig had bing FRIGGIN SPITTING OUT THE BOBBY PINS
so I made a toned down version of the outfit lol

~Im a fairy angel~


that was my sunday, I have to report about Saturday when I saw Misako, RinRin Doll and Kimura Yuu at the talk show at Ikebukuro (nothing much, but my pictures suck and Im waiting for the online ones ugh)

tomorrow school and studyyyyyyyy

take care, my fluffy nom noms!


  1. Que diveeeeer affe, pq os walks são tao nada a ver ;~;, adorei as fotos!
    E tem pessoas nas fotos que são amigas de face e uma até conheci na Itália XD.
    Ameeeei teu outfit ficou tão nho nho e eu vou te converter ao fairy x))).
    xoxo ~♡

    1. Eubñ combino com fairy cara da mto trabalhooo! Eu ñ me reconhecia no espelhoooooo !!
      Mas dai sei la ;;" vc conhece todo mundo na internet. Eu queria conhecer mais gente mas fico olhando tipo 'ñ tenho NADA pra falar' e fico na minha HEIEJHEEHHEHE

      obrigada pelo comment. Um dia vc vai poder vir e a gente vai num meeting desses!

  2. Hello there! I just found your blog through Tumblr. ♥ I am in love with all of your photos! You create some of the cutest outfits, and you are *~so~* talented at art! That is amazing you went to one of the fashion walks, looks like so much fun!! ♥

    1. Really? Thank you sooo muuuuuuuchhhhhh!!! ;___;
      Im not that talented really, and I just think Im too aware of things and try to hide the right places.
      Also dressing up in japan is really easy. Or really hard. Too many choices!!!
      The fashion walks happen every so long and I really wanna go to all of them buuuttttt I dont live in Tokyo, I live in yokohama. Its too annnoying to always go xD!

      Thank you so much for your comment!!!

  3. Thanks for drawing me!:)It`s much prettier than I am!!

    1. Its about the same!! Tiny and adorable!
      thank you for spreading my blog *U*

  4. Deve ter sido muito divertido!
    Adorei as fotos! *-* Você ficou uma graça com essa peruca!!

    1. é legal quando vc faz amizades ^__^v tirar fotos tb é dahora~

      obrigada! é dificil de coordenar pq ela é tão cheia @__@

  5. Estava mesmo lembrando mahou shoujo, bem fofinha :3

    Eu adoraria participar! Se um dia conseguir voltar para aí, vou tentar me programar para pegar um desses dias *o*

    1. Eles fazem cada dois meses, dai avisam das datas! Se conseguir se programar eu levo vc*___*


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