September 16, 2013

My Birthday

I completely forgot.
It was my birthday on August 18th

I'm 21 (+1) :)

I got to wear the yukata I made!
But it was kind of very hot. Kippo gave me this very beautiful silver pendant and a piece of stunning transparent Jade from his home town, Yunnan (China) !
Also he called me 'Ohime-sama' (Your Highness/ Princess) for the whole day~!

silver given at midnight.... *___* 
at first I didn't get it, why such a oddly shaped pendant...? Then I saw it. It's an 'infinite' symbol, he gave this and said he wanted to be with me as long as the pendant had meaning ~ yay

Remember last year, when I came to Japan and I stayed at Lizzie's home for only a week, but her mama and sisters became my family too.
So, at heart, I have a japanese Okaasan and 3 lovely sisters! (Too bad the middle one is studying in Germany and I couldn't see her. But I spoke to her on LINE later that night, so yay! )
Kippo and me went to mama's to celebrate!

Anyways we had a lovely dinner~!
My sisters, me and Kippo

S-chan and me. Love!

Mama bought so many many cakes....! *__*
I almost cried when she said 'I bought cake'. Im so silly ( ; wq)

And then she made art with so little. She's so clever !!! <3 

then ta dah!!! S-chan gave me birthday presents...!!
And mama gave me a strap for my obi (the belt for kimonos) and its so cuuuuute!!

ah~ happiness ~

On the way back we were talking... and talking about the future...
and decided that next year, we will move to Tokyo. Together. 
Kippo and I are gonna live together.....!!!!

So that's that!

happy birthday to me (almost a month later hahaha)

Take care!
xo xo !


  1. DAWN :C Bday da Bolo sem a Kat ; ___ ; nawn pode.

    1. Sua linda para de fofurassss ;--;/ voltando a gente comemora tudo juntas de novo e o/~~~

      .... Sdds. De verdade. Hj quase sentei pra chorar no trem de pura sdds


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