September 19, 2013

Cat Cafe!

Not much to say, it's a café and it has CATS!
You pay toget in and you have to buy something to drink. Which gives you the right of 30 minutes. You can go inside and see the cats or not. Also there's bunnies in the next room but that's an extra service.
So, yeah, that's it. The more you order (drinks and foods) the more time you get in the cafe!

This is Cafe León, in Ishikawacho, Yokohama!
Yes, next human plz

My prettyness is tiresome, go away

Stare contest? Purrfect.

Who likes to pay about 15 dolars and get ignored by ALL THIS CATS?

I did!

Time to go? bye.
(he didnt love me very much. Such short legs!!)

Wink Wink
(don't) come again!

Cats are my sadomasoquistic pleasure..... *sigh*
But Kippo wants a dog :T
Can't afford two pets, so a dog is in the plans.

Which one would you like? If you have any, what do you have?
Cats, dogs or bunnies?

I've had everything .... 

Take care!
xo xo!


  1. Two rats. :3

    E tão fofinhos ♥ Eu chamaria de Alergia Café 8D

    1. Rola uns catarro nervoso masssss é puro amor

  2. omg Cake ♥
    I would totally roll around on the floor and hug all of them *O*

    1. Eles fogeeeeemmm ;___; o melhor de tudo é que a maioria são resgatados da rua, e vc pode comprar eles!!! No café leon eles procuram casa pra maioria.


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