August 24, 2013


So I went to Osaka
and this dude took his car and took me to Nara!

pretty nice weather, great for melting, you know

Nara is famous for reindeer and giant Buddah.
here are some deer

you can touch them and feed them senbei cookies

I like their fluffy butts

This is Giant Buddah and some monks singing to it.

Like, I got an awesome evening

that day was a very important matsuri; they lit lanterns all over the place

They pray for the victims of the quake and also for their ansestor's souls.

Its amazing. You get so linked to everything spiritually. 

I lost my ability to write, somehow.

take care~~


  1. Hello sweetie! I actually have a question for you. Is there an e-mail address or another web page where I could contact you at?

    1. Oh? Well you can ask me anything at ^_^


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