September 18, 2013

Having fun, and a bit of love

In this country, having fun is not difficult at all!
Specially when you have cool friends.
America-chan and Italia-kun!

He didn't wanna purikura, but we were all like 'GE YA ITALIAN ASS IN HEREEEE'
Funny thing is, we all have green/blue eyes and the machine mistook it for the green screen behind. Also Italia-kun's t-shirt was green lol

America and Chile 

(names are not included for... privacy reasons? It's not like they care but maybe they would mind)

And a bit of love....

The other day I came back from work, and I had a general ache and was tired and super hungry.
and I look up in my food shelf and there's orchids.
with a note that ( I had to translate) I've never gotten before

(flowers may wilt, but there's no reason for our love to dissapear, I love you forever)

which is like
the top 3 most romantic things I've ever been told or given. DDD: despair

my orchids. <3

Do you like flowers?

Take care!

xo xo

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  1. hahaha… you surely know how to have fun with camera and use different filters. These images look so funny. Going to show them to my nephew as well


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