February 25, 2013

OkonomiParty + Meet Up!!

So I had a PARTY and we called it OkonoMaria hahhaa XD
We took pics of each ingredient and made some videos, so you can check them out (if we edit them sometime in this life)

They were DELICIOUS!!!

They are seriously good, but so much calories ;U; unfair!

things got wild at 1am O_O gasp

My baby bro called me from the Army place >U<" They let him have a break today and my parents made him call me.
Good luck baby bro, luv u ~~ (/ °u°)/

Ah today was a Lolita meet up and I used my new rhapsody wig !!!!!!!! It's so lovely and HOT. It was a sauna in my head, really ugh

Wig: Rhapsody (Gothic lolita wigs)
Blouse: Body Line

Dress: Peace Now
Bag: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Socks: TaoBao
Creepers: My shoes (Brazilian random store lol)

Creepy Cute yah
Bow tie and bat from Lock Shop!

and we spread the luffles! (love love love)

they called me cotton candy all day ahaha!
Here's Kao bitting my....hair. 

well that's it, take care!!

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  1. Okk it looks like a nice meetup with great sum of fun and entertainment with the pals i liked the post and the entertainment you have had in this time the pics are amazing stay blessed.


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