February 20, 2013

Geo Bella Green review!

Hello pretty people!

(posting a lot recently, right? haha sorry)

So my first pair of lenses EVER were a Geo Bella, and they lasted me a year and a half.
And as soon as I could I bought it again ! This is my absolute favorite~
I bought it from KiwiBerry1

From the website: 
Shipping: ☆ (little slow but okay)
Price: ★ (greatest prices and promos!)
Overall: ☆ 

For the lenses:
The color matches my eyes (green) the best. 
It's 14.5mm and it doesnt look like my eyeballs will pop out. Very cute.
The second pair gets a little dry sometimes and I get foggy vision, even though I change the fluids from time to time. Once they fell off my eye! Maybe it's the weather. Other than that, super easy to put and take off. 
Adorable looking eyes, they last a lot, quality is great and I really recomend this ones for those who have green/blue eyes! 

Color/size difference

close up~

How they look!
(old pic lols)

So yeah, 
take care~!

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