February 19, 2013


Yesterday we went meat hunting!
Korean BBQ baby!!

It's a little expensive, so you gotta eat the price.

Im on a protein diet, so I could eat as much as I wanted...
And MORE! 
hahaha @u@"

Sorry to my vegetarian friends.....!

Kat, Lekabel, Rob and Steph were with me yay

Also today my Peace now dress ! 

It's so cute and comfy *U*/

also Rhapsody in pink GET! 
wavy wavy <3
is it normal to have white points? 'u' I thought it would be softer.

Since I'm tanned from the beach I should wait to white up before using Rhapsody-chan, 'cause it looks just wrong with my current color (which is nor white nor tanned, but kind of dirty honey dead meat).

Have you bought anything recently? <:

Tomorrow I'll post about my contact lenses yaaay
stay tunned~!

Take care~


  1. OMG the dress is so cute!! >w<

  2. "dirty honey dead meat" thumbs up pra esse comentário sakfldjas Preciso lembrar de ir a cada dois meses nesse churrasco coreano.


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