February 18, 2013

Back to Brazil

So I went on a vacation to Chile for about 2 weeks.
But now I'm back and I went out with Kat~~ 

We have matching creepers now yay!
pretty pretty !
and so comfy too!
The store is called My Shoes, and I bought the last pair.... in my correct size!!!
Im ridiculously happy!

I missed her~

te he!

About my trip to Japan..... I'm having trouble wiz my University T^T They dont have my diploma so I cant register on the new school.... I'm so scared also because Im awfully akward when it comes to talking to people ;^;"

What if I cant make friends? It took me a few years to be friends with Kat...
And my other friends. I don't have many >3< 

Well I'll manage somehow, Im strong! òWo

Take care!

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