May 20, 2015

Shinagawa Aquarium ★

I visited the Shinagawa Aquarium ! It's a bit far away but quick to get to. There is a free shuttle to it, but I ended up walking (15 min from the station).
Dolphins are the main attraction point for the aquarium~

tickets tickets

The dolphins looked somehow scratched :T I was kinda bummed by that but ... I enjoyed the show somehow ,_, 

It was a simple show of showing off their abilities, playing with toys and getting lots of fish <:

I even got begged a little attention! 
The dolphin gets a voice-actor lol sorry about that (not sorry)

Next in popularity was the SEAL! <3 Seals are my favorite marine animal *0*
THEY HAVE EYEBROWS! and they clap their bellies when they are angry, that's the cutest thing EVER.

Then lunch! because food is fundamental. 
DOLPHIN RESTAURANT! merchan merchan~

Special dolphin plate (no dolphins were hurt in the making of this dish)
( 01 (ONE) dolphin was brutally beheaded).

later penguins
and turtles

and jellyfish!!!!!

I love love LOVE aquariums so it was perfect.
Some great amazing stuff happened
best day so far >U< 

~ ★ ~

Made some footage for the channel today.
Im not sure how to assemble it properly ? It's practice and its very rough. Its made with my iphone's camera, so for now please don't expect a great quality ;___;
This is purely for practice and it was a lot of fun to collect, but Im not used to talking to a (my) camera (by myself) .... I require practice. So I'll do my best!

Take care!


  1. ohmygosh the dolphin themed parfait! I need to go there now, so adorable ^_^

    { }

    1. its super cute Y_Y and YUMMY! there was no whipped cream, just ice cream and fruit and cereal xD AND CHOCOLATE SYRUP!

  2. This website and the blog post is really enchanting i liked to be here and the post is amazing the aquarium is something i must visit once in my life.


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