May 06, 2015


So as I had written on my insta, the 5th of May was my last day at ACDC Rag! It was a short month that I was a staff at the store and I had a blast with everyone, everyday.
But the thing is... I got a new visa sponsoring job and I will go back to teaching from the 11th...! I have training and stuff, but at least I assured myself yet another year of Japan!
It's sad, yes, to leave this very much fun job at Harajuku wearing whatever I wanted and being free to create, but! I am also happy I had this chance at all and I regret nothing.
I am very thankful to Rimma for giving me this chance.

because it was my last day everyone went to eat crepes, the store manager gave us money to go YuY! And yesterday we went to Tabasa and ate SO MUCH lol

Video of some loving Namamono-chan, Sugawara-cchi and Zen (・ωw)



Fuuma being gross. Senpai is always so gross (but I like him lots)

Sugawara-cchi saying bye bye. She was always so serious but we liked each other. Im gonna miss her 1,56cm

Bye Take Street! Next time I come I'll be a regular customer again!

More extra more! 

Some photos of my outfits from the ACDC instagram!

last ★

I hope you enjoyed with me my Harajuku days.

I think its a bit too much to post everyday (also I dont have so much to write about now that Im up to date with stuff!) so from now on I'll try my best to update Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays! <3

Take care ★
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Even other languages OK! I'll google translate hehe


  1. Waaa! This is amazing! I'm happy for you. When I read "I got a new visa sponsoring job" I just jumped saying "weey"!
    It's really wonderful! Hope you can realize your dreams in Japan.
    See ya!

    1. Thank you so much i.i! your support is very much appreciated.
      take care!

  2. You have no idea how happy we (me and Rob) are for you! <3
    You might be leaving ACDC but I can see you had a lot of fun and it worthed a lot even though you spend the whole day working very hard.

    We are also very happy you have another visa sponsoring job! We always know you could do it, you always work hard for the thing you want! Go go go Maria! More dreams are waiting for you and we are always here cheering for you <3

    1. *you spend the whole days working very hard.
      *work hard for the things you want

      Fuck I look like an illiterate

    2. Acho que quando vocês falam que estão orgulhosos de mim eu fico toda teared up e feliz de verdade? Tipo admiro vocês dois pra caralho e vcs são parte do meu pequeno grupo de 'bestest friends/family' e amo vcs demais demais. Serio. Obrigada sempre por tudo.
      Tambem escolhi responder essa merda no trem e to engolindo choro ;___;

  3. ¡Me encantan todos tus outfits!
    Y lo bonita que queda tu cabecera cada que la cambias <3

    1. No sé que haré con las proximas cabeceras porque el programa que uso HACE DIEZ AÑOS no funciona en Mac ;____; coño hijo de pinche su madre gaaaagh


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