March 27, 2014

ミ☆Wish List!

So it's a new year, I'm getting jobs, I'm getting ready, I'm getting pumped!!

Im just gonna make a wishlist so I keep TRACK of what I want/need first @_@ There's so many distractions here!!
Clicking on the image may redirect you on where to get them <3(Mostly taobao lol)

(size 24.5jp)
I'm deff getting these in black this year. I've been wanting these basterds for ever.
these bitches are at AP but Im not paying over 120 usd for a pair of shoes that'll kill my feet. Im getting these.
ミ☆Socks  // Tights
pastels >u> 

ミ☆Skirts // Dresses
previous wishlist
It doesn't really have to be the set, I really want this dress ;u; 
Happy Garden High Waist JSKFancy Paper Dolls Tiered JSK

ミ☆ Blouses
I didn't get these last year. Im getting ONE IN EACH PASTEL COLOR. 
More golden tones for my collection >:3

ミ☆ Cut&sew // Over wears
They seem to only have it in mint, but I'd love to get a replica in lavender/pink !

Peignors! I got a pink one, now I want a lavender and a sax... there's a great resale store that has them for cheap <333 I want them *_*

ミ☆Accessories // Misc

Oh yes
so much want

Okay I might not need accss for now U__U but I like crowns I guess~ 
Do you guys have wish lists? Or dream prints?
I don't have dream prints, and I hate release dates (if it's too popular I don't want it anymore --it's impossible anyways to get) and idk, if it's there and I can get it, I learn to love it?

This month I got two prints with pastel colors and bunnies tho <3
Spring outfits yay!

take care~


  1. I felt in love for that strawberry dress *o*

    I will receive one of my wishes soon. Check Princess Skirt (BTSSB) ~*

    1. Oi ^^
      No caso seria 'fell' de 'cair' e não 'felt' de 'sentir'. É 'fall in love' ne? ^_^v

      Que bom qur vai receber logo um dos seus ... Desejos? Pedidos? :3"
      É tão bom quando chega pacote!

      Take care~


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