March 21, 2014

YDC graduation~

Since I finally got some internet at home, I'll be updating regularly again!!! (A month later ugh sorryyyy)
(Tô com internet em casa, atualizar aqui novamente!)

Part of my class that graduated together! <3
(Parte da minha sala que se formou comigo)

As I didn't want to wear a suit or lolita, I chose kimono! I went for pastel colors since its the beginning of spring (It had snowed in early March but lets keep it a secret lol). Its somehow controversial, it is appropriate to wear kimono in formal occasions such as PROM, GRADUATION, WEDDING, etc. But since Im foreign, and quite tall, the kimono is WAY too short on the sleeves >_>" 
Apart from that, it is properly worn, with all the inner wears and outer layers necessary.


Its still me~ So a tea cup <3

hair accessory from Claire's saving my hair

Gloves to hide my short sleeves lol

(kyary pamyu pamyu Yume wo Hajimarinrin)

Thank you for the memories,
thank you for the support,
thank you for still helping me out,
thank you for never getting angry at me even when I didn't feel like going inside the classroom,
thank you for one year.

Good bye Yokohama.
Thank you for the open door, 
for the experience,
for being beautiful all year long,

Hello Tokyo!
Pleased to make your acquaintance.
Kore kara, yoroshiku! 


    Parabéns Cake, que dê tudo certo de agora em diante, nova cidade nova vida, que venha os milhões de yen, a burando, a felicidade aaaaaaaaeeeeeee!

    1. Precisando esses milhões de yennnnn!!!!!!!
      Obg Gika!!

  2. Parabéns, querida! Muita força na próxima etapa da vida <3

    Adorei seu outfit. Você fica realmente linda de kimono *o*

    1. Obrigada! Pra nós duas, nas nossas novas etapas! <3

      Obrigada, eu fico feliz usando~ pena que seja tão caro quanto lolita ;U;"


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