March 22, 2014

Fortnum & Mason afternoon tea!

Well hello there!
After a complete month of not going anywhere but furniture shopping and moving boxes, and brutally declining all my friend's invitations to go to exhibits and fun stuff, I could finally say YES TEA PLEASE.
But Im also ultra un-lucky and I got lost and got into the wrong metro lines so I was AN HOUR LATE.
Like, bury me in milanoo, shame.

This is the yumm yumm Fortnum & Mason's Afternoon Tea in Nihombashi.
Its a reasonable 2,500 yen high tea with hot water refill (and thank goodness for the water refill, that tea was STRONG)
You get to choose between 8 different cakes, so I got a chocolate cake and a strawberry tart~!
Also you get scones (they were sweet and soft boo ....!) and a set of sandwiches.

Not so bad! <3
I would do it again, but only with the tea and scones  <3

My friends were patiently waiting for me (Im so effin sorry really!!!! I must make it up...!) and they wanted to surprise me!
Like, May's Kera was up and no one had told me if I made it or not... They wanted to tell me that

I got the big pic in the corner! Waaaaaaai <3
It's my third time trying and my second time in the magazine lol *__* like Im happy! I have to try more~!

Hat, shoes: off brand 
Dress, blouse: infanta 
Bag: IW 
Tights: tutuanna 
Belt: Forever 21

And puri lol

Everyone at the afternoon tea <3 <3
Im happy I met a new cutie, and I saw again dear people  ;^;/
I need a job to keep going out on adventures with 'em.


take caaaare ;3


  1. Ai, que elegante! Babei demais nesse classical, em cada detalhe *O*

    1. Só queria ter feito algo melhorzinho pro meu cabelo, mas tava uber atrassada e não deu ;^;"
      Mas o outfit me deixou contente >U<~

  2. Wonderful post, it looks like you had lots of fun even though you were late and the tea was strong :')

    1. I always have so much fun with my friends, no matter what ^_^v
      The tea got better cause we got free water refills so no problems <3

      take care!

  3. AGH, tus cordinados me matan. te ves tan classy con esas gafas, un personaje cool de una novela europea de misterio.

    Muchas felicidades por la KERA! <3

    1. Si? XD Me encantan mis gafas de vieja, pero creo que tienen un poco de grado y me mareo si me quedo mirando mucho tiempo por ellas XD!
      Quiero hacer un outfit de detective i_____i omg omg omg

      gracias Yuu <3

  4. ahhhhhh todos se orgulhando da sua foto na kera, invejando esse afternoon tea e babando na beleza do seu outfit! *__* tudo muito divertido. <3

    1. Serio? *___* Eu to feliz, vou tentar de novo semana que vem! <3 <3
      Deve ter afternoon teas em SP tb, nos hoteis? :T Tipo a gente foi no Ritz Carlton pro niver de uma amiga ne, nos outros tem cafés Ingleses dai tem a opção afternoon tea >__</

      Pra primaveira comprei prints de coelinho e rosa e pastel tones :P
      Are you ready for spring?

  5. Que lindo outfit!! Me apaixonei por ele!! Seus últimos outs estão cada vez mais divos!!!

    Parabéns pela foto na Kera! :)

    1. Acho que tô melhorando pq to lendo a Kera e pegando mais referencias visuais no tumblr >___<" obrigada Athene!


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