April 06, 2014

Q-pot cafe

It's hanami time!! 
Today I met D, Akira and her friends from America at Q-pot cafe!

Outfit rundown:
Hair accss: Daiso, AP, Chocomont, etc
Blouse&socks Baby
Vest: 390 shop
Skirt&tie&cuffs: AP
Shoes: funtasma
Makup closeup (simple)

We went to have the parfait limited special! 
It wasn't special. It had yogurt in it. Bah. 
The tea was good tho! I saved my macaron and straberry for last ;w;"

The S'q'ret room is chocolate themed! Perfect for Musee!(the print on my skirt)

The lamps are pots!
There's tiny cakes on display and the wallpapers are adorable!
Some of the tables are made to look like cookies
To match the biscuit wall!

Kitchen view 

In the bathroom, tooth themed :S

After that we walked by a cool catghedral (just for weddings and parties) and walked towards Laforet for some late night shopping!

D and I met this LOVELY steam punk sales people. They made their stuff and was SOOOO cool looking!!! 
Like omg they made me wanna try *___*

We talked a lot with Yukari, one of the Angelic pretty clerks~ she sold a lot today haha

We met Junnyan outside la foret and he asked to take pics of our group! 

Everyone went home and I still wanted to hang out, so I just went with Junnyan, Ponchan and a friend of theirs :3

Late Harajuku nights!

I couldnt resist.... Donuts Wristcuff GET!!
They'll match my Creamy Donut, Musee and future Antique Cutlery~!!!

Fun fun fun >u<

Good night!
Take careeeee★

Beetle by Ponchan!


  1. Chorei com esse cafe da Qpot! Com certeza irei na proxima vez! Lindaaa a foto do meeting de vcs, adoraria estar aí no meio, td tão perfeito e vcs tão lindas! *0*

    1. Vc faz faltaaaaaaa!!!!!
      A gente tinha q ir na Kera snap juntas y.y/

  2. agh, todo el lugar se ve adorable. las mesas <3 godlord

    1. Pues si!!!! Queria que fuera mas barato para ir mas veces, pero nooooooo
      Tenia que ser q-pot ;;


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