December 26, 2013

Review- Bunny House

Im not dead!
Just really tired, vacations started and I only wanna sleep. But there's things to do so ;;' can't sleep.

I ordered a petti and blouse from Bunny House!

This is the petti. It was 20 USD ! 
they have lovely pastel colors~

☆Material: 5/5
☆Poof: 6/5 (seriously amazed!)
☆Comfort: 4/5 (the inner part is soo itchy, but other than that, A-OKAY!

and also a blouse!
Long sleeved and short sleeved are USD 20, +2 for ribbon!



ribbon detail


 So this part I don't really like. The button ends and the collar still seems open, 'cause it comes with some sort of gap between the first button and the collar?
This is the model of all their shirts. When you tie the ribbon it can't be noticed, but that means I need a ribbon or tie every time I use this shirt!

☆Material: 4.5/5 (there's a small lace that is a little too cheap)
☆Model: 4.5/5 (apart from the gap on the collar, adorable!
☆Comfort: 5/5 

Trick hat by Baby over Bunny house petti!

I really like how it fits, I asked for an L size and its all loose and comfy!
Also Im tall so long sleeved blouses are a pain in the ass to find.

For the store:
☆Customer service: 5/5 GREAT!
☆Shipping: 5/5 as soon as it was done, she shipped. 
☆Price: 5/5
☆Price x Quality value: 5/5

So yeah, Petti Overall: 4.5/5
Shirt Overall: 4.5/5
Store Overall: 5/5

100% will buy again!
I have my eyes on this cat cape, I like bear ears over cat ears, and pink would do fine.... maybe another pink hummm....

anyways Take caaaaaaaaare~!


  1. Muito boa sua compra! Não dava nada pra essa blouse sozinha. Mas no conjunto ficou divino! Muito lindos! -3-

    1. Quando chegou eu tb fiquei meiol 'meh, indie brand wtvr'. Mas ela é tão gostosa, os elasticos n cortam minha circulação feito burando de verdade e acho que vale o preço!

      take care!!

  2. As anáguas deles tem um poof bom? Estou precisando nova de uma urgentemente e esse preço ta bem atrativo hehe
    Adorei o outfit <33
    Bem circense!

    1. Bom, eu dei 6/5 no rating E mostrei o power dela o3o"
      Eles mandam do vietnam, n sei que tão rapido chega no brasil...!

      Sim, me inspirei no chapeleiro da Alice, mas amo circo ;U; quero fazer de novo e adicionar uma saia por cima e <3333


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