December 02, 2013

Blog's Winter/Xmas Version!

So I guess you can all see that the blog is COLD.
This will be my actual first WHITE CHRISTMAS (not happy about that).
Before I lived in South America, and I have been in USA for Xmas, but I didnt live there.
So this is going to be my first Xmas in winter ~ 

I hate snow but it makes a really pretty theme!

 So a little about this header. It's the new model for 2014, and as always I will change 'Cake' who is inside the ribbon as long as I have time and as long as the season changes. As for the wallpaper:

maybe you should click on it or drag around to see it's snowflakes! And hearts. Not because I like cold (fucking hate extreme weather) but because Im really happy about my life and it contains my wishes for next year.
Also hearts are cute.

IDK I was talking to Luly from Pastel Cubes and she asked me if I was going to change the whole thing and colors and stuff, and Im all like 'nah just the model of the banner'
the colors on 'Cake' didn't match the whole blog so I had to change the background color, and I got excited and changed the wallpaper.
and as you can see, NEW BLOG lol

Im accepting commissions!
I just finished Merumi Doll's blogger banner~ 
anyways email me with the subject ART REQUEST to

maybe you could get that special someone an e-card~?
anyways ^^
stay warm! (Or cool, on those summer parts of the world)

Take care!


  1. *O* too pretty to be true ;)

    1. Why~~ I've worked hard so I could do cute stuff ;U;"

      Thanks for commenting!
      Take care!

  2. aaaaah I like it baby! heheheh gostei ficou bonito *-* e sabe que a cor mais leve assim ficou melhor para ler =D acredito que as fotos tb vão ficar melhores para ver ^_^.
    Ficou muito fofo adorei o azul com vermelho <3

    1. Serio? blz dai na primaveira faço algo mais clarinho com flores! Valeu <3

      obrigada lindaaaaa

  3. O vestido que eu acredito que ela esteja usando é um dreamdress meu >:

    1. Não é nenhum vestido em especial, mas vc e eu temos gosto parecido

  4. Own, Ficou muito lindo o blog!
    Te conheci num encontro decora lá em 2007/2008, de vez em quando te encontrava nas redes sociais e na liberdade x3 fiquei feliz de achar teu blog, estou seguindo.

    1. Nossa, serio?
      Eu usei decora recentemente num fashion walk de harajuku e me senti em 2007 de novo XDDDDD

      Eu não sei quem você é, mas seja bem vinda *___*


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