December 05, 2013

Laforet Early Christmas Party

On Saturday was held the Early Christmas Party at Laforet, Harajuku.
It's nothing much, just a good reason to go shopping and meet lots of people you know. And some designers! I met Mint Neko, h.Naoto and the seiyuu of Reborn! 

Before I met with everyone I went capelet hunting at Harajuku, but ended up headbutting Akira-chan at the Closet Child stairs. 
No, I did not find anything, as it is midwinter and nothing I could actually wear was on sale :T
But I did find some good Bubble Tea at this chinese Crepe place.
I spoke a little chinese with the owner and he almost fell backwards. IT WAS SO FUNNY

At the place all the shop girls were dressed really flamboyantly, and it was ADOOORAAABLE!

Dear Ash found a small treat (heh) too bad she closed her eyes on all of my pics.
Idk I wanted to wrap her and take her home, SO ADORABLE.
Also Ash looks GREAT on everything ;^;! I wish we lived closer to each other so we could do stuff ....

Bonnet: handmade
Accss: Chocomint, Closet Child, handmade, Paris Kids
Blouse: Baby
Parka: AP
Dress: Melty Cream AP
Wristcuffs: AP & Baby
socks: offbrand
Shoes: AP

Mi chan and me!

S&M bunny....?
I'm sad, they didn't put my pick at the Facebook page Y__Y/
Also I met Tsubasa-chan!
She's so cuuuuute!

Later we went for food cause we were starving
and then Ash and me got the Queen's Coach in ivory and black! yay!

I took some puri for my bf 

te he!

see you!
Take care~!


Any thoughts? Shootミ☆