August 20, 2013

Mother's Crepe

I've been trying to get up this blog, and I wanna make lists of my favorite places; my trips;  people; etc. I stopped using the computer because it's old and slow and when I want it or need it, the building's internet is down.
Im sorry for being so inactive, so I'll multi upload ? I can program uploads ;__;

First up is Mother's Crepe.
It's located in Yokohama's China Town!
It has this really cute Panda Crepe, though my favorite is the tunna mustard one.

Crepe is a french type of food, it's actually very delicious.

It can be sweet or salty, I'm up for both <3

Also they have 'Tapioca', wich are gummy balls at the end of the cup. They are delicious!
There's tea, soda, and juice.
Super refreshing!

One of my favorites it's the Shaved Ice Tapioca.
The ice is very fluffy so it's a must drink for summer!

If you have the chance to go by, please do!
The owner and chef is Takeshi Hosokawa さん~

231-0023 神奈川県横浜市中区山下町214-1恩明楼ビル1F

take care! >U</

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