August 03, 2013

August First

All in all, August is my favorite month~
It has a really pretty name.
And in Japan, August is celebrated with a thousand fireworks.

So we dressed to the occation!
(Kippo won't wear a yukata, no matter how much I ask him to...)
Today I wore black and purple!


You say Matsuri I see SEA OF PEOPLE.
World Porters became Shibuya for two hours.
It was awful.

We remembered that Mary's Birthday was this week so we celebrated yaaay!
Happy 21 birthday pretty lady!!

Im so happy!

Also I have baby by my side!

So my heart goes....
Like a fire flower in the sky~

Comment! won't you comment pretty please? 

See you! take care! xo xo xo xo! Happy summer vacations! (Or winter, which ever your time zone)
love from Japan!


  1. Todas as fotos são lindas, deve ter sido um dia maravilhoso!!!
    E você ficou linda com a yukata! ^-^

  2. Por causa do seu post anterior eu acabei comprando cutters, não aguentei. Vi aquelas batatas fritas com forma de estrela e ..... * ^ * Aliás, Yukata lindo ♥


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