July 02, 2013

Ah aaah aaaah

It's hard to sit down lately. But hey, my work is over! It's not really a happy thing, but I have time to sit here?

Well here's a pic I've been wanting to put everywhere
from the hanabi thing. Exclusive on my blog .U.

OKAY so.

June 12, Dia dos Namorados (Brazilian's V-day)

Hey, I missed V-day.
I was stuck in Chile and everyone was busy and I had no bf and my friends were in Brazil (well duh)
Annnnnd umn the closest thing to a bf is my neighbour (yah this guy) and I really love him lol.
Thing is, I told him about three days in advance that that date was comming and I would give him a little present; he didn't need to give me anything 'cause you know, it's not his holiday or anything (oh, he's chinese).
And you know what,? He remembered. And bought me cake.
Red cake!


silly pics just ...

I live here

It's my favorite spot so I go there a lot and take the same pic lol

Oh yeah I was quite sick for a couple weeks.

But non the lessI went out in style.
I've been trying to avoid black lately!
I still don't know style names anymore and I don't know what fits me, so I'm trying lots of things.
Lilac is lovely.

of course, there's Mary!
Mary & Maria~

I did this and put it in my neightbour's door lol 8D
I wrote some chinese stuff on it after. hehehe

We went to eat sushi with the girls and the neighbours

Im always the one who eats the most. It's annoying!!!!
I want to eat more but it's embarrasing :T
Like, Im not the only girl that eats a lot. Im the person in the table who can eat all the sushi plates.

These are condoms.

My fucking hanger fell. The base is tilted and I'll have to get a new one. With a metalic base this time.
Shit, I carried this thing myself it's horrid that it fell appart.
Ugh angry angry.

Kenji was leaving and Whinnie's b-day was up so we partied.
I made pizza :D!

Sassy crew
(Whinnie, me, Anya --
standing- Dien and his friend
sitting- Kenji, Rae and Stan!)

fun fun fun

OH So I was a lil drunk and I called my neighbour (seriously I dont know how to call him, not my friend, not my bf. Maybe my chinese? Yeah.) the chinese guy (nope. Er. Name. Ok. Name.) Kippo (yeah!) to pick me up at the station cause I was wearing heels and I was drunk -lol- and he went!
After we got home he asked me if I was sleepy.
I said


So he said yes and took me on a midnight date!!!
this is Oosanbashi!
its like.
a par over a boat structure?
Anyways Supermoon! (what?)

OH and we wore matching outfits because I'm so gay (and I was drunk lol)

So yeah we have lot's of dates but
it's always me who asks

so so so
he asked me on a date for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!
aa aaaa


we went to the movies and after that to Cosmo World and rode the ROLLER COASTER (because fuck that slow ass boring wheel!) and then had donnuts <3 <3

and the other day I was awake at 3AM and got bored and we went to the park and drank some alchools (like, in Japan there's many many many kinds of alcohols lol I had peach and he had grape)

and we bought fireworks!!!
you can see a small video of them in instagram (@hoshi_cake)

O the other day Kon came with this huge ass TOKYO t-shirts (someone from China asked for them and he sold those)
It was funny we all looked the same

This is China Town at night selling me sof ice-cream.
Im a sucker for ice.

OH and yesterday I went to Harajuku with my brazilan friend Anubis <3

From all my purchases you can see this one first!!!!
its a cute hoodie with horns!!!!!!!!


HEY! See you later!

take careeeeeeeeeee!


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