June 11, 2013

Two weeks (maybe)

I swear I am alive and doing many weaboo things.
But seriously Japanese life is full of challenges and TESTS fucking tests every blasted week.
I'll die.

Oh well. 
I went to play at Bankan and I got dressed in this ~~!

I sometimes go and teach a little English to the clerks.
Also I love them they are so cute.

Lately been trying to decide what kind of fashion I like.
I can't decide.
I want colors!!!!

On the 30th of May there was an FPC live at Ikebukuro Chop.
There was a new song omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously so fast~~!
No where to be downloaded or heard online yet Y_Y
I have a video of it, BUT I WILL NEVER SHARE IT.
It's mine mwa hahahahaha

This is my favorite singer // guitar player.
Kevin stop being adorable!
(no, don't)

So at the end I ended buying up goodies -again-.
BUT Im a special snowflake and asked them to write something interesting/funny on the poster.
They had more fun that what I expected.

I got posterrrrrr~~

and tee shirt!
(Thr kanji reads 'Fox')

And here some random days:

We went to Yokohama to buy Kon a new wallet. He wanted Vivienne Westwood and couldn't find a good model :T

Old outfits. Its plenty of colors and I want more of this.
But I always end up buying black õ_o

There was a matsuri in front of our home, so we (Kon and Kippo) went together.

Yes, we ate this.

Yes, of course we played this.
I got two fish, who died in 4 days ;_;

Never again.

One day I went for ice-cream with Kippo and I saw a new part of China Town!

I've been hanging out with Mary all the time.
I do love her.
Its like we are the same. But she's tinier.

Fireworks matsuri, I got to wear this!!!!!!
I've been planning this for MONTHS.

Like seriously I love the details.

Gyaru make and all the blah.

Of course, my Mary.

We're ladies.

So short, but it's still spring, so patience!

I will someday learn how to paint this and make it look pretty.

AND SERIOUSLY I took Kippo and Kon thinking they would like it, they were bored as hell.
Turns up in China they see fireworks EVERYDAY. Like, not some times a week, like in Brazil, but EVERYDAY. 
That's not a happy thing, I wanted them to enjoy themselves as much as I did....

O well.
Here's more puri.
I'm trying to get a monthly account so I can buy the online pictures, but I can't blasted log in to the Softbank account.:T

OH! By the way I got a Job! Im an english conversation subsitute teacher.
so I'll be 3 times as busy yaaaaaaaaaay.

See you next time!!!

Taaaaaaaaaaake care!!



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