July 07, 2013

Hello July!

Hey! Im not so late this time huh!
I updated the banner.
Looks weird, but it'll do for now :B

So hey! Harajuku is on sale -again-
always on sale lol
I took the chance and bought some pretties

like ribbon shoes. they killed my feet recently, but they are lovely!

Here are some outfits from recently!
(with the new clothes yes)

Oh and on Wednesday Yian invited me to her home to have nabe (pot). Which is basically all you can put to a boil and eat it.
Pretty much everything.

I have the pretties people in my life.

And this morning I went on a picnic with Nicola senpai and some of his friends.
Nice weather!

They called me in 3 or 4 different languages to go play with them.
No go.
Too hot.
Seriously 31 celcious today nooooo

OH and you see this? I found a pretty fair .
like wooooaaaaaaa cheap!!!!!!!

held my horses though, I can't go spending so much just like that.

that was my week you guys!
see u 'round!

take care

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