August 29, 2012

(late) Birthday!

So umn my birthday was last week? Or maybe two weeks ago. I forgot.
Anyways I went to have lunch with my mom and soon she got tired and left me at home to be with her husband :) So I called my girls and we set a Wii Party <3
On which I mostly read on the computer, I was sleepy. But had fun, I love it when they come over *-*
And the next day we went to KARAOKE~~!
Everyone loves singing yaaay

I had the cutest cake EVER~
Rilakkuma (*U*)/

Oh yeah I wanted to wear lolita , I'll post my outfit later? maybe. I don't have photos.
Yeah Im that much of an idiot. Dont take pics on your own party, and also have a blog. Good one!

This is Bia and Ju

Mari and Keka

Gus and Erin

And my former japanese teacher who is also a loved friend and adorable person. I missed you, please do appear more often!!!

Lack of pictures yay.
Well, I'm 21 now. 
Im happy because I can drink in the USA now, and I'm going there next week~
Traveling so much makes me happy, I wish I could do it more often. It's not just the traveling, I've been doing that all my life, afterall. Its the first time I travel so much with friends! That's amazing, for me its a whole new experience!
Im in love with it *___*

By the way I'm having this awfull artblock lately and can't put my hands on the watercolors. I just came back from Japan, shouldn't I be super inspired??!

Maybe I lost my creativity back in Osaka? With my blasted planner. 

Well see ya~
Take care!


  1. Bolo da Rilakkuma!!!!
    EU QUERO UM!! (。>0<。)

  2. Cada que veo el Early Summen Strawberry Chocolate Parfait me pongo mal. Todas lucen preciosisimas. Muchas muchas felicidades Rii ;U;!

  3. Chateadíssima por não ter sido convidada >:


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